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Manifestations of anomalous phenomena in Russia

Места проявления аномальных явлений в России

VERHNEUYMONSKIE anomalous zones (MOUNTAIN ALTAI) Mountain Altai, located in the zone of mountain activity and movements of the earth's crust, saturated with radon, It has long been considered an amazing place., abnormal, mystical. Many researchers consider, что именно в горах Алтая спрятана таинственная ...

Cabaret "Moulin Rouge" in Paris

Кабаре «Мулен Руж» в Париже

Cabaret "Moulin Rouge" ("Red Mill") completely changed the idea of ​​the night clubs of Paris. Erased the boundary between the low and high, shows and art, vulgar representations have become a symbol of refined taste. "Moulin Rouge" opened its doors to people, принадлежащим к самым разным ...



Польша – государство, which is located in the heart of Central Europe, this great country, attracting its impressive historical past and cultural values. Largest in Europe, Poland is among the countries, ninth, проживает в ней более тридцати ...

Turkey its advantages and attractions

Турция ее преимущества и достопримечательности

Турция…. Undoubtedly, this beautiful country perfectly combines the amazing and long history, and paradise resorts on the shores of the beautiful sea, and night, club life in cities. Visit Turkey every year 30 миллионов туристов и эта цифра с каждым годом стремительно растет ...

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