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fishing Area

Места ловли

Flowing water Fishing in running water has its charms, and because its terms of amateur fishermen. It attracts anglers of this element a desire to experience a variety of ways of fishing. Meet with a strong current and a rapid rise of water. Watch as the fish overcome ...

Luxembourg-“European Green Center”

Люксембург-“Зеленый центр Европы”

One of the oldest European states, Люксембург, called "green center of Europe". Duchy disposed between Germany, Belgium and France. The country has survived many historical monuments. A lot of interesting feudal castles located on them ...

Fishing with live bait

Ловля на живца

Fishing on natural tips The most favorable period of catching live bait are the last weeks of autumn. A fish, I am trying to work up fat reserves for the winter, becomes the most voracious and greedy, therefore, less warily throws on live bait in the form of small fishes. At this time there is ...

Czech Republic


Sights and monuments in Prague, Czech Numerous attractions in Prague come in all shapes and sizes, many of which are distinguished by their age and historical significance, It is hidden in the Old Place, while other monuments and palaces just hard ...

Fatezhsky funnel (Kursk region) II – part

Фатежские воронки (Курская область) II – я часть

However, after several weeks, it became clear, incomprehensible nature of the explosions in the north of the Kursk region continues. In total they were found around 8 such craters at a distance of tens of kilometers from each other. The largest in the history of Russian Tunguska meteorite fell in Siberia in the summer 1908 ...

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