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Kaliningrad attractions

Достопримечательности Калининграда

The city of Kaliningrad - the largest city in Russia, typically Russian, Kaliningrad Region Center, disposed between Lithuania and Poland, is a small island on the expanse of Europe. It has access to the Baltic Sea. Streets pretty quiet - there are no noisy crowds. Do not attack foreigners, ...

Relax in the velvet season

Отдыхаем в бархатный сезон

The beginning of autumn for most people will be just the perfect season. It is the period popularly called "velvet". leisure facilities and really become as soft and gentle. Dropping the usual summer swelter, but it is an acceptable temperature is maintained. В особенности ...

Fishing in Astrakhan: return with their catch

Рыбалка в Астрахани: возвращайтесь с уловом

notoriously, that the best fishing in Russia, - on the Volga. There at any time of the year traveling alone and groups, to experience the excitement, which is understandable only to fans of this kind of "leisure usefully". A win-win to stay comfortably and to get rich booty – рыболовные базы ...

Pros and cons of removing body art with a laser

Плюсы и минусы удаления боди-арта при помощи лазера

Tattoo man doing, usually, for, to express his inner world, individuality, особенность по сравнению с другими людьми. Но иногда ее приходится и удалять. Причины могут быть разными: медицинские показания, неудачная работа мастера в салоне и так далее. В современных ...

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