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GIMS requirements for lifejackets

Требования ГИМС к спасательным жилетам

GIMS and its functions GIMS - is the State Inspectorate for Small Vessels, which was formed by the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers in the summer 1984 г. С тех пор в различные годы входила в состав различных министерств и ведомств. Сейчас является подразделением МЧС. В настоящее ...

Rent a house in the city of Tyumen.

Снять жилье в городе Тюмень.

In the south-western part of the Siberian city of Tyumen is located, based more 400 years ago on the banks of the River Tours. This is one of the first Russian city in Siberia. Development of the city helped build the Trans-Siberian Railway, passing through the city. At the end of the Great Patriotic ...

Children's orthopedic shoes: objectives and characteristics

Детская ортопедическая обувь: задачи и характерные особенности

The number of children and adults, experiencing pain when walking, increasing every year. Это может быть следствием неправильно сформировавшейся стопы. In its turn, одна из причин такого явленияношение неправильно подобранной обуви. Иногда для устранения неприятных ощущений достаточно ...

Modern casino Pin Up

Современное казино Pin Up

Dear readers, let's look at the casino. Casino - a place, where they play for money on the card games, roulette slot machines. The word casino has Italian roots – literally means house. Gambling establishments have deep roots in the history of mankind. mention ...

Путешествия, как способ борьбы с персональным кризисом

Путешествия, как способ борьбы с персональным кризисом

A person can not be a long time without a break. In our ever-developing world often have to overcome obstacles, cope with stress, emotional fatigue, routine and stagnation in the works. The most effective way to get rid of it – just go ...

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