Active Life "with what it eats"

Active Life "with what it eats"

The active form of recreation - it is a unique way to spend free time for the benefit of the organism. According to the surveys of sociologists, Most Russians prefer passive recreation, t. it is. lying on the couch watching TV, engaging in "surfing" on the Internet, and other ways of useless spending time, the maximum is Tours to Dubai from Almaty. Whereas, Europeans spend their free time usefully. You say: "With such a convenient schedule as in Europeans, I would also spend time with benefits ", but, It is not only in time, but the difference in mentality.

Итак, give razberёm, as much as possible to relax in your spare time.

One of the most popular and affordable outdoor activities - sports. Optionally recorded in the sports section, gym, buy expensive tickets and the "shell" on the sports equipment. Enough to go outside, walk to the nearest park, and can be considered, that half the work is already done.

At first, you can run. 5-10 minutes a day, to start. Gradually adding time and tempo.

Secondly, many parks, например, Moscow and Moscow region, equipped with special "street workout stations". Performing simple exercises and gradually adding complicating approaches and training, you will be able to keep fit. Still better, than useless "stare" at the monitor.

If you allow time and money, it is possible to go abroad. You can go on vacation for voucher, but then you will have less "free" than I would like. Although, at the moment, travel companies offer their customers a huge range of outdoor activities. Но, do not forget, that all this "will fly you a pretty penny". It is best in this case to go abroad "savages", the main thing, not to be afraid and think everything through beforehand.

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