Activities - horseback riding

Activities - horseback ridingDid you know, that riding a beneficial effect on human?

For horses, used in hippotherapy, imposes rather high requirements: the average age of them should be about seven years, they must be perfectly vyezzhennymi, exhibit exceptional obedience, immediately respond to the coach, have a clear course, not afraid of unfamiliar objects and – in no case – not biting, not rear up and beat the ass.

Horseback riding, used as a method of treatment, It requires collaboration of specialists in various fields (doctor, physiotherapist, coach riding) and patient. Accordingly, referring to the disease and the chosen treatment program distinguish four methods: Therapeutic riding – special medical and physiotherapy requirements: Riding with obstacles.

among the diseases, for treatment have a positive impact regular riding, the most important: local or general weakened muscles, movement disorder due to improper muscle movement, associated with partial loss of balance (especially some forms of paralysis), lack of limb development, overweight, violation of the autonomic nervous and cardiovascular systems.

Successful action riding achieved in various ways. The saddle body spontaneously rectified, at the same time strengthens the muscles of the back, hips and life. The rhythmic movement of the horse the rider is transmitted, facilitating training disturbed equilibrium reaction, and weakens cramps attacks, it is possible to treat patients with weak legs. Each new request must be well-grounded and well-dosed.

Riding a favorable effect on the human psyche. Special significance it has for children with movement disorders. For them, every hour training gives joy and communion with others, and horses, which is for them a great event.

Due to body heat and motion rhythm of the animal baby relax tense muscles, and it takes the position, which otherwise would be able to take a great effort. If the damage is not extensive, the children, in spite of the movement disorder, can go a step, trot or even gallop, unexpectedly experiencing known to most young people ecstasy speed, self-confidence and joy of life.

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