Active tourism in Russia: Reality and Myths

Active tourism in Russia: Reality and MythsActivities in Russia - it is an opportunity to plunge into the bright, rich journey, is remembered for a lifetime! To forget about the gray everyday life, bustle and feel traveler. And the most important thing in outdoor activities - this is the first step. But, what prevents him to do?

"I can not! ( I have never been able to, I do not remember, the last time I sat on the bike, and I went camping with my parents years 20 ago)»

Travel Agencies are developing most active routes in such a way, what would an ordinary man, absolutely no experience in such events, I could overpower him. routes, of course, all different. But the managers of travel agencies will try to choose the most suitable route, taking into account all the client's wishes. therefore, without proper expertise, it is not necessary to take on the most difficult route, но, in the same time, if physical condition allows, then you can safely choose any vending.

"Activities - is hard labor: dragged with a backpack, on duty at the fire, sleep on the wet ground, have burnt porridge with canned food ".

This is one of the stereotypes come from "Soviet period". modern travel company, organizing active tours with the latest technology, will help you choose the correct and high-quality equipment and, of course, will not leave its customers hungry. Naturally, not on all routes on a daily basis is there fresh meat, but vegetables, fruit, pasteurized dairy products, fresh fish — it is a standard component of the diet.

AND, Another positive thing - there is no need to drag any and all equipment. You should have only necessary to backpack or travel bag and clothes. Everything else you will provide travel company.

"Is it dangerous! (can be hurt, To break a leg, drowning, etc.)»

All tours, provided by companies, They are completely safe, and instructors will help avoid possible injury, and will have the appropriate assistance in case of accidents.

"I'm afraid, be in a band with people, which I would feel "black sheep".

The biggest "horror story - a fear of being in a bad team. And that's it, mostly, prevents decide to go to the active tour. But all fears in this respect - it is in vain. The group contains not more 15-17 человек, allowing for time, Spent route, to rally members of the group in good company.
"How can you relax in such circumstances,? I am even more tired ".

Mostly, people, operating in major cities and metropolitan areas, not so much physically tired, as morally, psychological. A trip to any active adventure tour will help you relax and get away from experiences, stresses, city ​​bustle.

"But a friend of mine told .... all bad!»

In this case, it should be remembered, that everyone chooses for themselves ... Your friend, perhaps, just out of luck when choosing a travel company, or him liking palm trees and hot sand. Therefore, it is better to carefully consider and rely solely on their opinion.

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