Alaska. США.

Alaska. США.

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Take a tour of the region, which in the US has earned the title of the most extreme tourism - Alaska. Every year the flow of tourists here only grows. Winter and frost, beautiful nature - the card of the province.

To get here, each tourist have patience, You will have a priori two transfers, and you will land in the most "humanized" and a lively city in the state Cherry plum - Anchorage, where there is a first-class air terminal. Впрочем, from Anchorage to more distant places of the United States a large staff, need to travel by private air flights, so that in terms of transport - a pleasant small, but nonetheless, it's worth it.

So what is so attractive Alaska?

Alaska. США.

В первую очередь, конечно же, a lot of reserves and national parks. Local nature is fantastic - waterfalls, streams, mountain lakes. The most interesting to visit Denali National Park, Here you can witness the powerful Grizzly. Special connection with nature can be felt, if you catch the moment, when the bear comes to local rivers, snatching the fish out of the water with his paw. By the way, Grizzly is not the only asset of Alaska, Moose is loose in the streets of almost on the scale, that the cats have, so do not be surprised, met here this animal. Whales and Orcas, Another property of Alaska, which can be seen directly from the shores of wonderful staff.

Another interesting natural places in Alaska is considered the highest point of the United States - Mount McKinley, more 6000 m, it affects not only the scale, but also unsurpassed beauty, snow-capped peaks and breathtaking views.

With regard to the historical attractions of Alaska, then so, in the state capital - Juneau, which was founded during the gold rush, it is recommended to visit the gold mine, of which there are plenty left. The Anchorage Museum of History will attract attention and Arts, aviation Museum, and of course the chance to see the Northern Lights.
Кроме этого, Alaska – resting-place, where adventure tourism is booming - winter fishing, a trip to the dog sled, rafting - it just is not a complete list of extreme entertainment, that you will be expected in the northern state.

Alaska. США.

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