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Sochi! Adherents of rest in the homeland, hardly worth telling , what Sochi? At the mention of the word most of us immediately drawn picture: sea, the sun, beach, seagulls. Of course - it is the most popular Russian resort. These foods relax, as our compatriots, and visitors ...

Курортный Сочи готов к встрече своих гостей

Sochi - the main Russian health resort. come here, to enjoy the golden beach sand, warm sea, sun, noisy fun in local cafes and restaurants, sing karaoke. In general everyone is looking for his - who recreation and noisy companies, while others prefer to quietly retire, ...

Отдых на западном побережье Крыма

West Coast of Crimea is the most public and inexpensive place to vacation in the Crimea. That's why this part of the coast and is so popular among tourists. Especially the western district of demand for recreation whole families - children, grandparents. There can be great ...

Отдых в Турции на любой вкус

fanatics stories, adrenaline, sunbathing and gourmets - all find their enjoyment of holidays in Turkey, regardless of whether you are planning to explore the architecture of Istanbul, or simply relax in the Mediterranean sunshine. If you are planning a vacation with the whole family, the complex ...

Курортный Адлер открывает летний сезон

Adler, as a resort city, attracts tourists all year round for its democratic prices, and good location. in winter, eg, Adler stop order, to go skiing, Since the hotel Krasnaya Polyana, especially after the Olympics, not ...

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