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Аутлеты в Милане

Shopping in Milan is not limited to shopping at Golden Square fashion boutiques.. If you want to purchase a designer item, you don't have to shell out a tidy sum for it. Experienced shopaholics go shopping at outlets. There are several of them in the vicinity of the city.. Milan Outlets ...

Rox Casino

We invite our readers to get acquainted with a modern casino. Casino - a gaming place, where people gamble at roulette, slot machines, cards and other play equipment. Board games are played with the help of a dealer. The word casino has Italian roots – in literal translation ...

Особенности доставки цветов от нашего магазина

In the modern world, there is a very fast pace of life and there is absolutely no time for holidays, it is not possible to give enough of it to close and loved ones. And the holidays don't happen that often, as we would like, therefore, each of them needs to strive to make it special and memorable. ...


The state of Indonesia is located in Southeast Asia on the islands of the Malay Archipelago and washed by the Pacific and Indian Ocean. It is the largest island nation in the world, consisting of more than seventeen thousand islands. The relief of the islands is mountainous. Climate in the country ...


The country is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, in the north of Europe. The area is mostly mountainous with many sea fjords. The state has a developed economy, industry, education in science and a high standard of living of the population. Developed automotive, railway ...

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