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For high-quality exciting holiday is not necessary to fly to distant tropical islands, because is very close to Crimea, the earth is full of amazing beauty, contrasts and opportunities not just for fun-filled pastime, but also for the treatment of. West Crimea - a long coastline, decorated with elegant necklace unique salt lakes, estuaries, for centuries have accumulated quite stunning potential treatment of various diseases. The unique combination of sea and aroma of steppe grasses, a record number of sunny days per year, a great opportunity to see the historical and natural attractions - it's Western Crimea.

Among all sanatorium Saki Crimea occupy a special place - there are excellent conditions for the treatment of severe chronic diseases and pathological conditions. It is thanks to the unique properties of Saks therapeutic mud, many women experience the joy of motherhood, despite the disappointing diagnosis, and people with spinal injuries have changed wheelchairs on new running shoes. choosing sanatorium in Saki, pay attention to your physician recommendations: there is a beautiful hospital specialization, которые, of course, engaged in passing other ailments, but it is best to solve it their main tasks.

Separately want to mention wonderful sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea", combining a wonderful sea holiday and balneotherapy. Unique and a variety of treatments, that restore health, create a curative effect, in which for some time after the completion of the course the positive dynamics.

Сейчас mud in the Crimea It attracts tourists from around the world, because the uniqueness of Saki mud is able to compete with the Dead Sea spas. On the Black Sea, where traditional healing are sea and sunbathing, mud complements the possibility to extract the fullest benefit from the trip. Baths with brine, mineral baths - in Saki for many years produced the healing mineral water, is popular - as well as various treatment options, defeat disease. For holidaymakers there is a great opportunity not only to buy a ticket to the sanatorium "Poltava-Crimea", but also to choose only kursovku, at the same time stay in the hotel or a comfortable apartment in the city outside the territory of the sanatorium. Organize your holiday with the maximum comfort for yourself, and let the gentle Crimean sun shines you always!

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  1. Sami live in Saki region, and each year attracts the attention of friends and relatives, Naturally anyone having health problems and lives away from the resorts, They come to us in the West Crimea, many were treated in sanatoriums Poltava, Pirogov and motels. And in addition to the resort there is the salt lake, which contains one of the highest levels of salt content. In fact, every day you can stay and lie for hours in salt water.

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