Baikal - the most mysterious lake in the world

Baikal - the most mysterious lake in the worldEvery schoolboy knows, that Baikal - is the deepest lake in the world. In some places, its depth can reach 1500-1600 m, and the average depth is about 750 m. practically 70% flora and fauna are endemic to the lake and do not occur anywhere else in the world.

Nature in this area is so diverse, every fan of outdoor activities tends to get in the vicinity of Lake Baikal again. The possibility to spend a holiday here is very wide: Water sports, speleoturizmom, poputeshestvovat jeep, bicycles, horses. On Baikal ice fishing is very popular, downhill skiing and snowboarding.

Of particular interest are the caves around the lake. Например, cave in rock Sagan-entertainment, fanned by many mysteries and legends. The entrance is located closer to the top, and at the bottom a few decades ago testimonials of the Iron Age people were found. Some of the most rocks Sagan Zab covered ancient images figures of different animals, birds, of people, horsemen and footmen. Legends say, that at the bottom is gold, hidden Chinese merchants caravans. Find it - a dream for any caver-Treasure Hunt.

Another interesting occupation is diving, especially in the winter season. On Baikal allowed to dive up 60 m. Winter diving is possible in the maze of galleries, formed ice. This type of diving is dangerous, that beneath the ice is easy to lose direction and get lost. Therefore, only an experienced diver, mastered immersion in difficult conditions, can test their strength and tickle.

Adventure tours in the vicinity of Lake Baikal, that offer numerous travel companies, often combine several different options of movement. Например, travel by canoe, hiking and horse riding trips. Such methods will move the opportunity to enjoy nature in full, get acquainted with the fauna of Lake Baikal and even go fishing.

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