Беременность и роды. Выбор роддома

Беременность и роды. Выбор роддома

По мере того как приближается последний этап беременности, which should be completed delivery, tension grows. Of course, pregnant woman was under medical supervision for all these months, and, perhaps, after the successful resolution of birth, You will need to be observed for some time, he. But the childbirth process is carried out of the hospital obstetricians gynecologists, in St. Petersburg, there are about 13, it is when it comes to municipal offices.

The choice is always patient. Sometimes perinatal centers placed ahead of schedule, when there is a threat of pregnancy, or planned caesarean section for medical reasons. If more comfortable to stay at home, the, likely, I have to go to the maternity hospital, located geographically closest. Nothing wrong with that, so how many hours passed from the first contractions to delivery, even days, but still pleasant enough, because the patient, and so are heavily loaded due to stress.

After several hours of testing, a young mother can take them home with a little bundle of happiness in her arms. A few days will need to show the child to the doctor. Almost all of the children's clinic in St. Petersburg, regardless of the area of ​​attachment, send a doctor to your home to inspect and fix the parameters of the newborn. After childbirth many women comes marked weakness and apathy, sometimes – state of inexplicable anxiety. This state of postpartum depression is quite natural, because the psyche traumatized occurred, This will take place gradually. These feelings are exacerbated by a sense of great responsibility for the life of this little creature, seeming incredibly fragile. People, which is peculiar to the optimistic view of the world, easier and faster to cope with postpartum complications. It is important to attentive family at a time.

Contrary to popular belief, the first few months after giving birth mom can relax. The child most of the time going to sleep, waking up only to, to eat, and, sometimes – poplakatь. His little body is still too weak. It is a relatively quiet period, he, of course, It will not last long, when the baby is a little older, it will require focus intently.

The most important force for good flow of pregnancy periods – is to overcome your own fear. we must not think about the bad, all the troubles, that occur during childbirth, just can not think about it. Discuss with friends, or have given birth in women may be functionally important questions. Например, Proper breathing during labor, anesthesia (which, by the way, Now it gives a very good analgesic effect), all the physiological details must remain behind the scenes. Develop in an iron nervous system, and immediately becomes noticeably, how to improve not only the mood, but also health.

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