Bimetallic thermometers and manometer

Bimetallic thermometers and manometer

Thermometers used for measuring current levels of temperature and pressure in a particular closed volume. There are many varieties of these devices. Some of them are designed for domestic use, while others are specifically designed for industrial use.

Today we can be used not only for measurement work pressure switch, and a bimetal thermometer or manometer.

Principle of operation and design of manometric devices

thermometer design consists of the pressure gauge, connecting capillary and bulb, which was originally designed for immersion in the medium to be measured. Operating temperature range is dependent on the variety of pressure gauges. The total range varies from -200 to 600 degrees.

Main varieties

  • gas thermometer.
  • Condensing models.
  • liquid instruments.

Some thermometers contains minor errors. For household operation is quite normal phenomenon, because one does not need to pass the temperature down to tenths and hundredths of a degree. But industrial manometers manufacturers produce a more accurate scale. To reduce the risk of error, capillary length in thermometers is reduced as much as possible.

Actuated devices can be operated in areas with high risk of explosion or fire. They are also quite easy transfer constant vibration. It should be noted, that a wide range of temperature use in gas appliances. For normal operation of the device is sufficient to immerse the bulb 160-500 controlled environment in mm.

Bimetallic measuring instruments

The design of these devices is designed to be, that when changing the operating temperature of the strip at two different metals begin to curve characteristics. These metal plates differ only expansion coefficient.

Needless bending plates is proportional to temperature fluctuations. Bimetal plates are used in the two elements: helical and helical spring.

Reliable bimetallic thermometer able to operate in conditions of - 70 to 600 degrees. The level of accuracy of the device depends on the design and can reach 2,5. Bimetallic devices belong to the class of simple gauges and production deals with many companies.

Any change in temperature causes a mechanical deformation, which leads to the rotary movement. On condition, that one end of the system is fixed, the other starts moving directional arrows, and shows that the temperature.

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