Boilies for carp and their features.

Boilies for carp and their features.

If you need Buy height Karp, and you have no idea, What selection criteria should be guided, then this information will help you decide. Let's start off with, that the very first boilies appeared directly in the 80 th year in Europe. This bait has become a hit for successful carp fishing, because it was she allowed to cut even small fish bite.

Since that time, many anglers continue to fish quite well, which acts as a bait ball or small boiled boilie.

Features of this product

Now on the shelves you can find a large number of such goods, each of which has its own peculiarities. Besides, You can prepare the bait themselves. Catching fish on a bait and in the summer is especially effective. However, it should take into account the seasonal preferences. If you want to buy boilies for carp, do not hurry. Initially, all study and weigh carefully, read reviews and product.

To acquire this bait should in such cases, как:

• If you, eg, do not know, on what kind of bait the fish bite at this location. In this case, will have to fork out a bit and buy goods a variety of flavors, as colors and dips them;

• If you do not have the time and desire to self-manufacture. Purchased boilies show a very stable result. Now online stores, you can find a variety of, it is difficult to imagine. Almost all the goods are sold at low prices, and the product is not stale. You can go to any fishing shop, and experts will talk about the product, and dispel your doubts.

Features Product selection

For carp, as modern carp groundbait options apply. Balls bait They have the same smells, and palatability, as bait themselves, but only at a low concentration.

There are two types of products. it:

• Floating;

• Sinking.

It depends on all directly from the technology and manufacturing recipes. Например, in the manufacture of drowning options, Rolled balls perfectly boiled or frozen. optimally all, when both operations are performed alternately. If a solid bait, it will be a long time to lie on the bottom and do not attract carp.

Floating options are not cooked, and preparing, usually, in the microwave. That is why the bait becomes lush and very light. The main disadvantage of such variants - this is their friability, which does not allow a long time to be Boyle ball.

You can visit any fishing shop and get information directly from consultants about such bait.

All modern boilies are made directly with the most innovative and, the main thing, proven technology. If you comply with the features and conditions of fishing, you can enjoy an excellent result in the future.

The composition of each bait includes such components attract fish, as flavorings, proteins, activators and other. Each of them has successfully fulfilled its role. You can see the most famous lures firms, which are considered a favorite of carp, carp.

Total bait recipe:

• Initially, knead the dough from a variety of types of flour, cereals and other products;

• After the dough roll out small sausages. They are cut into pieces;

• From sausage making small balls;

• Depending on the desired type of future Boyle, We prepare all the balls in the microwave, as well as cook or freeze;

• Balls, if they are cooked directly in boiling water, You must be well drained.

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