Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival

Brazilian Carnival - it is a national holiday, It is a major country in.

He is not attached to a particular date. Passes 4 and ends the day before Lent in the Catholic calendar, in the so-called Ash Wednesday Night.

The most famous carnivals are held in Salvador, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Bahian Carnival is unique for its "Trio Electric" – machines enormous size. These machines are beautifully decorated, they set the scene, which hosts carnival performances and performances by famous singers. On machines installed powerful hardware, izdaûŝaâ oglušitelʹnye sounds.

Carnival is celebrated over five centuries. Its origin is from the Portuguese Carnival. The holiday itself at that time held in another. People having fun, pour each other with water, falling asleep flour, and throwing each other tomatoes and rotten eggs. Having pagan roots, the celebration of the ritual was a symbol of emancipation and saturation on the eve of Lent.

On this holiday all feel themselves masters, there is not invited, no spectators. If you are lucky enough to get to this "celebration of life", we recommend Carnival wigs Kiev Sharik.UA . In this wig you'll feel "at ease", On the contrary, he will help you to be liberated and be filled holiday "one hundred percent"!

About Carnival in Brazil say - to live, to see it! Really, This grand celebration, You can tell the most amazing, the most fun and enchanting all over the world. Not for nothing to prepare for it the whole year! Arriving in the country at any time, you will be able to see the dress rehearsal in the best six schools.

Brazilian Carnival 1

Brazilian Carnival is a reflection of the fun and the restless spirit of all Brazilians.

In the country there is a cult of the body beautiful. Probably, therefore an indispensable attribute of the carnival ceremonies are dancing topless beauties, creating an atmosphere of universal happiness. Admire this indescribably beautiful sight each year attracts tourists from all countries.

As part of the celebration of the carnival must pass in two competitions, all Brazilians favorite, sports - football and sambo. On the winners made and received bids.

During the festival,, business life here is completely stopped. Half-naked Brazilians and foreign tourists, dressed in the most incredibly beautiful costumes day and night to roam the streets of the city, Publisher oglušitelʹnyj noise and gam. Universal Music fun -zazhigatelnaya, various contests.

Every traveler has a dream – at least once in their lives to be in Brazil in the days of the celebration, and to merge with its participants into a single unit, feel the spirit of merriment.

Brazilian Carnival 2

Brazilian Carnival 3

Brazilian Carnival 3

Look at the photos from the chronicle of the Brazilian carnival, and can, they will help you take the first step towards the implementation of your dreams, and push quickly decide on the cherished trip.

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