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mushroom tourism

Грибной туризм

The phrase "mushroom tourism" almost everyone bring a smile. This is due to the fact, fungi in our field and collected a long time did not call it tourism. However, the "mushroom" tourist destination, though appeared recently, but it has already acquired a certain circle of fans, ...

Mushroom “hunting”. Part 1.

Грибная “охота”. Часть 1-я.

Mushroom “hunting” - rest or work? Well, of course, – It is with pleasure! Не забывайте только, пожалуйста, что уже пришла осень, и в утреннем лесу достаточно свежо. Поэтому накиньте на себя ветровку, а лучше приобретите для лесных прогулок джинсовку. У джинсовых курток цена ...

Mushroom “hunting”. Part 2-I.

Грибная “охота”. Часть 2-я.

Going for mushrooms? Great idea! Your faithful friend old car performed well on the roads of the city. Get ready new tests. Send with your family on a mushroom “hunting” on the road. what – do not pull? time to change? Well, here we are in the woods! Как отличить съедобный ...

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