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Kaliningrad: golden amber tears

Калининград: золотые слезы Янтарии

Kaliningrad has received its present name in 1946 year (instead of the previous – Keningsberg). It is the westernmost city in Russia with a population of about half a million people. Kaliningrad is one of the largest industrial centers of the country. This port city. Но больше всего привлекают ...

Туризм. Treatment and rest in Italy

Туризм. Лечение и отдых в Италии

Nedra Italy is not very rich in minerals, which negatively affects the country's economic development, However, Italy is a trendsetter and design all over the world, and that contributes to the increase of population yields. Язык – итальянский, но наравне с ним признан немецкий. В Италии ...

Turkey - a place for a nice holiday

Турция – место для красивого отдыха

Turkey is like a hot oriental beauties. The temperament of the country experienced almost every, who has ever traveled to Turkey. by the way, for those, who are just planning to visit Turkey, рекомендуем обратиться в Компанию Hottours. Почему именно к ним? Для того чтобы решить все проблемы ...

How to get from Istanbul Ataturk Airport

Как добраться в Стамбул из аэропорта Ататюрк

Istanbul - it is a beautiful modern city and business capital of Turkey, Arriving in which travelers need to ensure that, how to get to the center of Istanbul from Ataturk Airport. The preferred and fastest way is to take a taxi or shuttle service. Experienced tourists can ...

Weekend tours in Kostroma

Туры выходного дня в Костроме

If the May holidays you do not have much time, but you want to relax and spend time with benefits, then visit the weekend tours in Kostroma. Travel company "Aquarius" offers a large number of programming options for all preferences and financial opportunities, ...

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