CLOCK, Care Tips

CLOCK, Care Tips

Currently, wrist watches have become an indispensable accessory in our lives. Recently, the design of this product is of the form, more like some kind of decoration, supplementing the general image of a master of style, but, do not forget that, that the primary function of hours - all the same timing! These trends are related not only to the feminine attributes, men's watch and with each new model are increasingly fresh design.

It is not known, and when it appeared Wrist clock. But, yet, the first mention about this item came to us with 1812 of the year. It was a clock on the hand of the Queen of Naples, her individually manufactured for Swiss craftsman Abraham Louis Breege, which the, by the way, He is the founder of the famous watch brand «Breguet».

By purchasing watches, people, occasionally, do not even think, that to longer life must not only keep an eye on whether they are general, but also a caring both for housing, and for clockwork. Для того, to watch survived longer and qualitatively performed its function, you must comply with and perform some maintenance requirements. First of all, if mechanical watches, you need to start them on a regular basis, preferably at the same time of day, thus removing them from the hand. Periodically, you need to take the clock to service centers or in watchmaking. This is necessary for setting and adjustment of the clock mechanism. For quartz periodicity such devices is 1 every 5 лет, for mechanical - just in 3-4 of the year.

Often in hours, especially if it is men's watches, there is a date function, day of the week and more. One of the main conditions, to be observed, that this mechanism is not damaged, – this does not translate into date manually during the day with 20 pm to 6 morning. Otherwise, this feature can just jam.

Terms of use chronometer for hours, which is a function, It comes down to, not to dump data devaysa, when he started. First you need to stop the countdown, and only then to press "Reset".

Any mechanism afraid of dampness, so you must ensure that the temperature regime, who are experiencing hours. known fact, that the sharp temperature change gives rise to moisture, so do not wear a watch in a sauna, leave them in the open sun.

The modern world is filled with various equipment, which is characterized by magnetic radiation into the environment. Hourly mechanisms may fear such an impact, therefore it is desirable safeguard them from the vicinity of a TV, computer and other devices.

Well, the last, но, perhaps, the most important advice, – This clock protect against chemically active substances and media (water, cosmetics, oils, et al.), which can cause corrosion of metal housing.

Subject to and embodied in the life of these simple recommendations, life watches are guaranteed to be long.

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