What should dedicate an evening in Bologna?

 What should dedicate an evening in Bologna?

Traditionally, that Bologna - it is rather a transit city for the traveler. On its territory there are numerous magnificent temples and palaces, but to stop it for a long time not so interesting, in Rome or Milan. This is - a common mistake. Actually, Bologna - the perfect resort for any holiday. Including, and entertainment. Youth clubs, Discos, hour restaurant, old pubs, – there are not only cultural space for relaxing in the afternoon. Evening in Bologna is also possible to organize a very intense and exciting.

where to go? To begin with - just walk the streets of the ancient city of twilight. In the sunshine capital of Emilia Romagna, of course, great. But the night Bologna - is something quite difficult:. Light tunes of live music, the light of thousands of bright lights, fringe LED street hung on trees and houses, enticing signage, the mysterious glow of lanterns, boldly nailed through fluffy foliage parks. And if at this time still rain will, the air posvezheet, it will soar special romantic spirit. A 35 kilometers of porticos will enable all to see, absolutely not afraid to get wet.

Bologna - city, of course, small. But for a long time to wander through it too, do not walk. Especially, it is not endless night. A visit is worth many more places. Так, the second point of the plan - a local film center. What is called Sinetekoy di Bologna. There is not just interesting - spectacularly exciting. Interesting facts from the movie world, demonstration of the work of professional filmmakers and even a master class on shooting short films, – after visiting Sineteki guests will know about the film, if not all, what interests them, it is much larger than its original level.

Of course, evening can not be held, being hungry. Especially in Bologna - the city, where the food simply delicious. Many of the resort's restaurants are open at night. But in front of a restaurant worth visiting one particular Bolognese pub - "Irish Pub Celtic Druid". Old Irish Pub in Italian - it's just something. cheerful young people, delicious ale, broadcasting football matches on the wide screen, fascinating conversations at the tables, union supporters of various clubs and the general spirit of fun, – here, what awaits guests of this establishment.

However, not necessarily choose a relatively quiet places - pubs with their heady ale or live music venues. There are at Bologna and disco, clubs and other places, where music can not only listen to, but also dance to her perky chords. From luxury options the best choice would be the local "Matis Dinner" – live music. Including performed by famous artists. So the trip to the "Matisse" is crowned by the presence of the first presentation of the new album of your favorite band or full concert of the famous ensemble. Same, who loves the place easier, ideally suited Bologna "Millennium".

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