What interesting things can be seen in Belarus

What interesting things can be seen in BelarusBelarus is represented by tourists as the country famous architectural structures and landscapes luxury nature. They dream to come to the area, to make Excursions around Belarus, for its entire territory. The number of sites is large enough, so there is something to see.

Minsk is the heart of the country. The history of this beautiful place started a long time ago. Traveling around the city, you can walk on the pavement, visit on its premises, look at monuments, visit the homes of well-known Belarusian poets, gift shops, as well as the well-known island of sorrow and grief. Terrible period the city experienced during the war - everything was destroyed. In our time the capital has grown and is an architectural landmark. Minsk is impossible to get around on foot, travel companies offer bus tours of the most haunts of vice city.

Minsk not only known for its historical sites, tourists are offered tours and small towns. All known Brest Fortress is located in the nice city of Brest, here you can enjoy views of the famous theme park - Bialowieza Forest. An excursion to this park is very popular among travelers. Located on the territory of present Museum of Nature, the estate of Santa Claus, windmill, Museum Gift. Among the park you can see the hand of moose, who simply stroll along the paths.

For lovers of Historic Places, It offers tours in Belarus locks. You can visit Nesvizh, Krevo or Ruzhansky Castle. Some of them are half-destroyed since the war times. In Ruzhansky castle, for example, leaving only the main body and the east, everything else has turned into ruins.

City Grodno differs from other places of the presence of large museums. The oldest clock, who work to date, you can see it in Grodno in the former Town Hall Square.

Traveling in Belarus is very interesting, and the inhabitants of this country quite friendly. tourists, who has ever visited the country, probably still dreaming to come.

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