Что необходимо взять с собой отправляясь на отдых

Что необходимо взять с собой отправляясь на отдых

So he came to our long-awaited vacation!
In the hands of a list of all the necessary, I had to collect the bits for the last two months. Now all that is left once again to recheck the list and lay neatly in a suitcase.
by the way, I want to say a little about the suitcase. Who has not encountered such a problem, like buying a suitcase, I give one piece of advice.

First of all, Your bag should be on wheels. As things, usually, you have to take a lot, especially, If the trip is planned a long and distant. How to buy a suitcase on wheels, you can learn here.

And now the most important thing, of its contents. Namely, of those things, that need to be put in a suitcase, and, that will be so essential on the road and at play.

Let's start in order.

1. medicine chest. that take? Firstly – pills, prescribe to the permanent use. Further painkillers, antiseptics, to improve digestion and absorbents, bandages, patch. Also in the first-aid kit must be a thermometer and drugs for the treatment of burns and possible cuts.

2. Personal hygiene items. Toothbrushes for the whole family and pasta. Means for washing and shampooing to take better in small vials.

3. Take makeup to a minimum, same, as ornaments.

4. If you go to the sea, do not forget the main thing – swimwear, swimming trunks, beach shoes, sunglasses and be sure all hats.

5. personal items is also better to limit, because in the summer season, especially, If you have to rest on the sea, the main clothing will provide beach accessories. By this is enough to add a couple of T-shirts, shorts, light skirt (It can be two - short and long) and something of warm clothes - for evening walks and excursions. If you intend to evening visits to restaurants, you can grab something out of the front-output attire.

6. Documentation. Most needed - passport (Children's birth certificates), pole, the right driving and car insurance (If you plan to take the wheel) and, finally, tickets for travel.

here is, perhaps, the main thing, and we gathered. It can be in the way.
Yes, I forgot about the most important – do not forget to bring a good mood!

Good mood

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