What to see in Antalya

What to see in Antalya

Antalya is the capital of the homonymous province, located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Usually in Antalya resides not so many people - within six hundred, but in the summer it reaches two million. Antalya ancient settlement, It was founded 159 BC. She has quite an interesting history, that attracts many tourists.

The town and its surroundings are literally awash with historical monuments, так что посмотреть в Анталии есть на что – Hadrian's gate, Minaret Jivli, Kaleiçi, having a winding narrow streets. Their archaeological museum given a place in the top five most famous in Turkey. Enjoy the surroundings you can make a day trip on a pleasure boat, which is sent daily from the bay.

Antalya attracts not only for its historical and architectural beauties, there are many beautiful natural monuments. Get at least Duden Waterfalls (Upper and Lower). Lower Duden is the largest, falls into the sea, Mediterranean waterfall. Falls can be reached on boat, departing from the pier Kaleiçi Marina. Especially great it from the sea. One can not admire water flow, falling from 42-meter height. Evening here include lighting, that gives the waterfall special fairy-tale charm. All campers in Turkey definitely filled up the photo album, the background of which is the beautiful waterfall, It is the hallmark of Antalya.

Getting to the Upper Falls, located in 14 km from the center of the city, public transport, tourists are always surprised by the, they suddenly find themselves among the houses, where, in principle, there is nothing like as if it should not be. therefore, If you decide to make an excursion to the waterfall unorganized, then ask for help from local residents, they will show the right direction, otherwise there is a high probability of getting lost.

visit the park, which is a waterfall, Pay - so be prepared!

A special feature is a waterfall, available beneath the desires Cave, where you can admire numerous caves, corridors, metal bridges, natural windows, which offer a unique view from under the waterfall. Do not go past the spacious hall with barbed fossil, which actually tends to most tourists, to tie a rope to one of the thorns there available for the execution of desire. Precisely because of this belief and was baptized Cave Cave desires.

Park is usually nemnogolyuden. plenty of benches, located in the shady places, It will give an opportunity to relax, while the children have fun on the playground.

Of course, Here we describe only a fraction of those attractions, worth seeing when visiting Antalya. Turkey – this is the place, where any holidaymaker does not have to be bored. Here everyone can get as strong emotions and impressions, which will still be willing to share with their friends and acquaintances. After all, the history of Turkey – It has a history of development of the world, but in a separate representation of the country.

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