What are the boxing gloves and some species are?

What are the boxing gloves and some species are?

In the process of selection of these formed elements of professional martial arts, like boxing gloves, you need to approach the issue is highly competent in order, to justify the purchase of all expectations and you will not have to carry the purchase back to the sporting goods store. Кроме того, buying high quality and suitable gloves you will save yourself from unexpected hand injury, sprains phalanges, damage to tendons and other troubles.

Along with this you need to consider, that if we are talking about different kinds of martial arts, whether it's a classic English boxing, Kickboxing Muay Thai, taekwondo, semicontact and others., Gloves are selected in accordance with the specifics of one or other species or subspecies of sports activities. Also, do not be amiss to take into account the specificity of direction for, that in accordance with the characteristics of training and competition to choose the right gloves. But on the diversity worry just the same should not be. As of today, you can find a pair of boxing gloves, made in any color variants. In many cases, the standards are used, providing such color solutions, both in black gloves, White, dark blue and red colors.

So, many of the athletes currently prefer color combination, which suggests that the following color combinations: black-white, white and blue, etc.. д. За more information, concerning color versions mittens, you can speak directly to experts specialized sports sites. In addition to direct functional purpose, Boxing Gloves must be selected taking into account the size of the palm of your hand and wrist athlete. These products should be worn on the hand and cover it without excessive voltage so, not to pinch the wrist, and at the same time they should not "hang" freely on the hand.

The correct approach to the selection of boxing gloves


Перчатки, designed for professional boxing, made of soft, quality, genuine leather. In the process of creating upholstery using technology, dubbed «I-Protech». Most often, it harnessing resorts known worldwide company Adidas. Optimum width indicator collar – this value, not exceeding 140 mm. should certainly when implementing mittens purchase to pay attention to the composition of the pack, композит, as well as the presence or absence of a perforation in the area of ​​the inner surfaces of the hands and thumbs.

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