What is recreation

What is recreationActive rest means leisure, which involved the work of muscles and body. Lead an active vacation lovers prefer a healthy lifestyle and sports. The popularity of such holidays due to the fact, it allows you to feel great, and at the same time as the rest should be. people active rest will live longer that person, who prefers to stay, related habits, has a devastating effect on health.

Active Life often implies a lesson to any active sports. This may be cycling, skiing, jogging in the morning and evening, Skydiving, climbing, motorcycling, all sorts of parkour and everything, which is associated with extreme sports and. For someone like favorite kind of vacation is spear fishing, and someone enough to drive a soccer ball on the field. Football advantage and such games, like basketball, volleyball, It is, they are available in every country, while skiing is not always the place to be.

Active leisure is divided into summer and winter. Так, Some popular winter sports, and in the summer - other. If you are not able to go to the mountains to ski resort, it is possible to make your vacation active in the country and in the city, wherein no mountains.

Active rest means by not only playing sports, but just amateur hobby. Например, This hunting and fishing. Special, spear fishing. Whatever your outdoor activities, most importantly - enjoy it and use the work of all the muscles.

Each chooses, like him to relax and to choose, but is active secret excellent health and longevity. Besides, recreation develops in man self-reliance, which is a very important point.

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