What is the alternative tourism

What is the alternative tourism

Hundreds of people rushing, who frantically try to have time to take pictures of all, they see around, and still not miss the story of the guide – this is the most common image appears in the head with the word tourism. But a reasonable question arises: surely this should be the rest? Yes, so you can buy a bunch of pictures, to put them on public display in the social networks, Yes, so you can get a new experience. But except for this, we are looking forward to a vacation (sometimes reclaimed his superiors in an unequal battle, or hard a cut from his own busy schedule)? Really it is impossible to relax, but at the same time learn something new, interesting, bright? I hasten to reassure you – this way there! And he called – alternative tourism.

This concept arose not so long ago, but I gained a lot of fans, and even had time to share a few species. The essence of alternative tourism in the, to show the beauty, colorfulness, the diversity of the other country from the inside, if you have been living in it, do there what he likes, You open it up for himself in a new way. What do you prefer: run near the Eiffel Tower, see it primarily through the lens of the camera and carry on (that, what good, keep up with the group and catch the bus); or a leisurely stroll streets Rodier , Clausel or Milton, sit at the cafe table, which once had breakfast Dumas or Chopin? responded? That's what I think ...

Alternatively, you can relax in different ways. Например, You can settle in some small, but a thriving farm in Greece, France or Spain. There you, Michael like Kozhukhova, popular host of "Around the World", You will be able to test himself in the role of the winemaker, learn how to fish so, as it does not do anywhere else in the world, or become complicit in the great mystery of the cheese making. This holiday is called agrotourism. You will feel a part of nature, You will be able to meditate in the Alpine foothills, or dance the Sirtaki on the Mediterranean coast. And most importantly – you will experience, these countries permeate your every cell, feel like a Frenchman or a Greek.

Another type of alternative recreation – religious tourism. This holiday will give you the opportunity to feel the grace of the holy places, feel the holiness of the walls of the monastery of Mount Athos, or worship the Holy Sepulcher, as did millions of pilgrims of all times. Besides recreation, religious tourism will give you a chance to pray in such places on Earth, where the conviction of believers, Your voice is best heard God.

If the silent appeasement farms or convents you do not like – for you there is an extreme kind of alternative tourism. there is, where carousing. At first, it may be a purely sports recreation – ski resorts, surfing, diving, horseback riding, anything, according to your taste and preference. In almost any country you will find specially organized database, which fully provide you with everything necessary for their favorite sport (the main thing is not to lose your head with happiness and not to confuse themselves accidentally with food for sharks).

Secondly, you can turn up to, where ordinary people are not in a hurry to look. Now often organize trips to the Chernobyl exclusion zone, in the castle ruins or abandoned church. To complete the feeling you may be asked to play in a sort of mysterious locations in the quest (game with a treasure hunt, clues and puzzles).

Thirdly, some originals want to relax in a prison or a hangout for the homeless. And travel agents will gladly send these to psevdozaklyuchenie. I personally doubt, appropriate to the word "holiday" here, but the thrill and revolutionized worldview guaranteed.

The most extreme of all extreme forms of alternative tourism, probably, are by far the trip into space. But such an unusual pleasure requires excellent health and 40-60 millions of dollars in your pocket.

As you can see, it is not necessary to go the beaten paths, you can relax and at the same time feel like a pioneer, farmer, astronaut or Jacques-Yves Cousteau. All in your hands – fantasize, gain strength and positive impressions! Enjoy your vacation!

Prepared Elina Rublev, professional copywriting department agencies LabCopy.ru.

D. Ufa, 2014 year.

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