What is the diagnosis of body geometry

What is the diagnosis of body geometry

Fault Diagnosis of cars required by each for drivers to quickly and correctly identify the existing problems in the general work. Among the many existing types of checking malfunction diagnosis occupies a special place of the car body geometry. Naturally routine check of vehicles on the eye can distinguish only a large number of strong deformations, and also considerable problems with certain parts of symmetry. In order to detect such faults, comparing the distance between the reference points of the body symmetrically arranged on opposite sides.


Today, diagnosis of Nissan body geometry is carried out in specialized centers, in which there are many modern cities. For this purpose, special devices for checking the geometry of Nissan, this makes it possible to detect gaps in the trunk, the bonnet and doors. Also, the geometry includes checking wheel alignment, and the location of suspension and bridges, the total number of such corners should be appropriate. Naturally, hood, in the trunk lid and doors must be carefully fitted, that is, without distortions, he could only show computer check. Such violations can occur in car accidents, but you can find out about these violations only after special diagnostics. To make Nissan geometry is required to visit the special garages, which serve for any verification and to restore the overall vehicle body. Dealer centers on repair of the car using modern computer diagnostic check, which can easily show the existing disturbances in the vehicle parameters.

Mitsubishi и Honda

To diagnosis Mitsubishi body geometry was carried out quickly and professionally, It should be treated only in specialized dealerships. Usually common parameters are changing after accident, and then to the general body repairs require its qualitative diagnosis. This special test is very important, since after the accident are always geometric changes, which will lead to financial problems in the near future. Today such proverkaMitsubishi made using a special electronic measurement, which is reflected on the devices in three dimensions.

Similarly, the diagnosis is carried out of the body geometry of Honda which is conducted using the appropriate computer equipment. To remove all this data, and then they are compared with a common database, it uses information about all the geometrical parameters of cars. This check provides an opportunity to see the changes, ie jams, changes in opening gaps and other irregularities, influencing the running and general quality. For diagnostic uses unique equipment and its main element in this case is a special body slipway, used for precise geometry inspection. These works are carried out under the strict supervision of the measurement of modern electronic systems. Further, after such detection are working on the restoration of the body, tin works, preparation for painting and painting itself, going after the change and restore cars.

About diagnosis

Unique computer diagnostics gives you an opportunity to learn quickly and accurately on all geometry faults. For this purpose the stand where he is located and where the car is a common diagnosis of the body parameters. It uses a number of diagnostic and measurement instruments for checking employees, wherein the first vehicle is stopped control points. Modification and withdrawal of measurement requires specific knowledge and skills, so the diagnosis should be performed by specialists only and only at dealerships. It is based on the general findings and implement further geometry restoration, so much depends on the geometry of the quality of diagnostics.

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