What to bring on the ice fishing novice?

What to bring on the ice fishing novice?

Winter ice fishing is a popular extreme activity, who like to devote his spare time a large number of fishermen. And, a large percentage of them - women. For those who like to wait in the cold biting good gift would be the ice screw or a set of wobblers, but for others - a voucher for a beauty studio. Having decided to go to the ice fishing, beginners are lost and have no idea about, what tools and other essentials worth taking. And their, by the way, some.

Objects and things of the first necessity of fishing



It should be warm, windproof and does not get wet - it's the main rule. If it is a pity to spend money on special fishing suit, which is not cheap, then you can do your normal clothing. Wear two sweaters with high necks, winter jacket, down jacket, double gloves and socks, felt boots, pants (ideally - wadded). It should be understood, that ice fishing is not St. Petersburg salon. No one will be evaluated by the beauty of appearance. The main thing - to keep warm.

Fishing gear

Selection and gear devices depends, in what way and what kind of fish you plan to catch. It can be a regular rod and line 15-20 m., or float with udilnikom, kolodkami and motovilytsami. Anyway, needs professional advice or, least, inveterate lover of ice fishing. And even better, if he will accompany and give advice directly from wells.

Ice screws and ice pick

The first is designed for drilling holes, the second - to measure ice thickness, which will have to go. Selects the first or last ice without this device is strictly prohibited. Proper use of it looks like probing the ice in front of him, where a fisherman is going to step. This simple method can detect tunes snow holes and cracks.

Naƶivka prikormka

bloodworm, maggot or worm should be prepared in advance. Keep them better in foam motylnitsah, which fits in a jacket pocket. Bait must stay alive.

Folding chair, fishing box, tent

A sedentary way of fishing involves the mandatory use of a small folding chair. A box is mandatory in any case,. It placed a bag of food and drinking water, Tackle and Accessories, and also caught fish. In addition, he is strong enough, to sit down and rest. In the same time, if fishing involves the transition from well to well, box can replace the usual tourist backpack. Tent need, If fishing is planned with an overnight stay.

Scoop, fish packaging, bagor

Buckets crushed ice is removed from the hole. Ice appears on the surface of the water on a regular basis, special, if the air temperature is below -10 ° C, so the ladle will be very useful. Caught fish develops or fishing box, or plastic bucket. Boat hook required, if you have to pull out of the wells of large specimen of the gills.

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