DivingDiving – This scuba dive and diving with special equipment.

types of diving

Recreation - swimming underwater for fun and leisure. Such a voyage is limited at a maximum depth 40 m. There are many educational systems, teaching recreational diving.

Sports – sports disciplines, created on the basis of basic skills recreational dives.

Technical. Technical diving is considered, if it meets the specifications of several points: decompression dives; dive to a depth of 40 m; using 2 and a gas mixture; rebreather use semiclosed or closed loop. Diving species such deemed wreck diving (dive in wrecks) Cave Diving(diving under the ice).

Professional or the often used term "diving operations".

Special courses of diving

Today, there are a huge number of organizations, learning immersion in water and diving, as well as issuing certificates of completion of training. Going to a travel agency in warmer climes everywhere you can find this kind of leisure.


Water is for a person unfamiliar and hostile environment. Human lungs are absolutely not adapted to breathing under water, so dive and swim under water are associated with a number of dangers, threatening human health and life. The main ones are:

decompression sickness
The situation OOG (out of gas), in the event of equipment failure or exhaustion of the stock of the gas mixture

Why diving

Due to the diving you can take a look at another world, in the underwater world, in all its glory, in the fullness of its colors. Starting diving, you immerse yourself in a new dimension, in a quiet place, which awaken a new sense of upgrade potential. Scuba diving will allow you to become a researcher and a pioneer of the underwater kingdom. Feeling a connection with nature, you're bound to feel free.

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