Diving on the white sea

Diving on the white seaThe Arctic is an amazing place, here everyone can fulfill the dream and diving. Many, who have not been not the White Sea, represent its cold desert. But in reality,, here you will find unusual fish, whales and soft corals. The northern part of Karelia is located in the Arctic Circle, there are many lakes and forests. Most of the time, this area is covered with snow.

After arrival in the Arctic you will be placed in a wooden house, and the free time you have to dispose of. Someone just resting, and someone is studying the terrain. The house is in the woods, and you can go and pick mushrooms next to be the White Sea. Standing on the bank of conventional sea, can see, expanse of water that flows to the horizon. In case of the White Sea is a feeling, that the sea is the forest lake. This effect creates islands, which are covered with forests, and the sensation of the whole continent.

In September, it is already cold, but for the locals it is a warm time. The main purpose of a visit to this place is a dive with a photo. You need to prepare well and pick up equipment. The white water depth 15 m already fading light, under water becomes dark. On the surface of the water is at a temperature + 5 degrees, and at a depth of 15 meters, it falls to +1 degrees. To dive hectares depth requires a drysuit. Diving in such waters is hardly walk, it is rather informative expedition. Already at a depth of, you will be amazed at the beautiful views, which will be opened in front of you.

Among thickets of seaweed can be seen "sea sparrow". These thickets are its habitat. This fish lumpfish, it can even pat, because it moves slowly, but it is important to be careful. Among the stones floating molluscs, he looks like an eel. A small crustaceans live in the algae, their size does not exceed 10 mm. And at a depth of 20 meters you can see soft corals.

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