Desirable acquisition for the kids and half a century ago, and currently there was also scooter. Its cost is much lower, than bike, and the joy of movement on it, he delivers not less. Scooter for a child is a technical device, through which he learns to control his body, develops coordination, strengthens the musculoskeletal, the cardiovascular system, vestibular apparatus.

Management Simplicity gives the opportunity to acquire new physical skills of children, since reaching 1 of the year. For such kids developed four-resistant model, where you can ride not only standing, and sitting, thanks to its removable seat.

Older kids need more outdoor games. Three years easily master the three-wheeled scooters, characterized by ease, Easy to carry. The strength of their low, tk. structure made from plastic.

Five-year and older children it is advisable to purchase two-wheeled designs. A frame made of steel are. that ( Playground Foot) narrower, Riding becomes so fast and manoeuvrable. Such models provide compact storage due to foldable.

For students, having good physical preparation, created special modification, where you can perform sports stunts at high speed.

Off-road models have good cushioning wide wheels with two types of brakes.

An unusual way to drive the inertia inherent in three-wheeled scooter. The principle of driving on them is based on body weight alternately migrating from one platform to another. In this scooter managing all calf muscles involved, and not only a certain part of them, both in the management of the usual one deck. Harness the inertial scooter can begin even preschool children.

In addition to the general age characteristics in structures scooter should be selected for the child's growth. Ease of management is achieved when the elevator at chest level. Practical solution - adjustable height by means of clamps.

When teaching kids on light models deceleration by means of the hand lever, stop process is regulated slowly, than on more fundamental two-wheeled scooter with a sharp foot brake.

Scooter It has contraindications for children Management, having some cardiovascular, pulmonary and musculoskeletal diseases. Before buying you should consult your doctor.

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