Для чего гражданину России нужна украинская справка о несудимости?

Справка об отсутствии судимости являет собой официальный документ, issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, which confirms the absence of a criminal record and the involvement of criminal responsibility. If a citizen has an outstanding or previously convicted, he will be denied the receipt of this document. Expiration date on the territory of Ukraine 30 days. Such documents are processed regardless of the place of residence human or actual residence, in Ukraine.

In some cases, a Russian citizen may need a certificate of good conduct?


When the citizens of Russia need a certificate of good conduct in Ukranine?For Russian citizens in Ukraine Help at nesudymosty It could be necessary in the following cases:

• To obtain a visa;

• Upon receipt of citizenship;

• To restore some personal documents;

• To be eligible to participate in tenders;

• To obtain or renew a work permit;

• In order to obtain or extend a residence permit;

• To obtain a permit to carry weapons or work with dangerous substances, etc..

What difficulties could face a Russian citizen for self-registration of the certificate of good conduct?



To issue such a certificate, foreign nationals, including citizens of Russia, you need to collect certain documents - all the details on the preparation of such a reference can be found here – http://jurklee.ua/spravka_o_nesudimosti/ in brief, If a citizen has a residence permit, It is required to submit the original passport, a copy of its first page and the original permit. Otherwise - the original passport and a copy of its first page, and its notarized translation. After, all documents collected, wishing to obtain a certificate will be faced with queues. To take place, to come to the IT department in advance and take a turn. If you do not have time to hand over the completed form, or it will be filled with errors, will have to start all over again. After all citizens of Russia it is often difficult to write on the Ukrainian language, all personal data, including previous names and surnames, if they changed. After that, it will be necessary to perform several procedures, performed by different. And not the fact, that in this tired state employees would cost the customer politely: cases of rudeness, and sometimes the lack of professionalism of employees of department, are quite often. Foreigners especially affected, in fact it has been the situation with repeated administration of human (sometimes in a rough form) fill out the form again after a few hours of waiting. Good, if people, waiting in line, will help him in this matter, но, Unfortunately, this can be expected rarely.Ukrainian certificate of good conduct

Whether to seek the help of special companies?


Appeal to specialized companies makes it possible to avoid all the above troubles. Despite, that issue such a certificate may in any regional center of Ukraine, more profitable to use the services of companies Kiev. It will be faster and cheaper. For all, located anywhere in Ukraine to issue such a statement is very simple: must be sent by courier collected documents, and everything else will take over the company.


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