Attractions Russia: Altai mountains.

Attractions Russia: Altai mountains.

Pearl of Siberia, Golden Mountains of Altai or just, as soon not call this picturesque mountain range, towering in the south-eastern part of Western Siberia. The name of this system has been given in ancient times, 'Golden-Taw', so it is called the Mongols, whose ancestors were actively developing the local gold-bearing veins. Later there were found and other minerals, but the old name stuck, though it was reinterpreted in the Russian style.

Excursions to the Altai today is very popular, and many travelers have been here compared to native species with Swiss. Preview of coming off in 2016 year new routes and book a ticket to interisuet you can tour on site Active Tour to Altai developed for each group individually.

The Altai Mountains are famous for their high ridges and gorges, which flow rapid river. Any guide to the Altai in the first place pay attention to the group on the scenic canyons, covered with pine forests and intermountain basins, fertile soil which yields rich crops. Sights Altai is its natural wealth, here you can see countless cleanest mountain lakes, the largest of which is located on the territory of Kazakhstan, Russia Teletskoe Markakol. Quite a few here and fast rivers, most of whom belong to the Ob basin. Among the largest rivers, suitable for water excursions and alloy, it may be noted Aley, I hear, Biya, Katun, Chumysh and Argut.

Among the representatives of the fauna of the Altai most bear, sable, foxes, there are leopards, lynx, mountain goats. Among the birds most here capercaillie, grouse, grouse, etc.. It is worth to say about the Altai flora differs abundance of medicinal herbs , fruit and all kinds of rare plants, also there are many endemic species, for example such as Maral root.

The highest mountain system, and at the same time one of the main attractions of Gorny Altai is a 4.5-th kilometer Belukha, The average height of the system is 2,5 км, at length in 2000 км. As for the climate, it is quite harsh, in winter temperatures often fall below 30 degrees, summer is rarely above 20 degrees Celsius. It should also be noted the high humidity in mind the abundance of rivers and lakes. Tourism in the Republic of Altay today though is under development, but still gaining popularity and comes here every year more and more lovers of the nature of the native land.

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  1. Altai – really the most beautiful place in Russia!

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