Египет или Турция ?

Египет или Турция

Egypt or Turkey or how to make the choice to rest between two popular destinations?

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Now back to Turkey and Egypt!

Just want to say, in this small article we will not of, how to choose the hotel and not on the country in which the number of stars on the hotel corresponds to the actual operation of this hotel. Also, we will not talk about the benefits of relaxation in one of these two countries, temperatures of water and air and advantageous purchases. We will not talk about all of this due to the fact, that all of the above category are about the same in the two most popular destinations for recreation Russians.

It's about how, how to determine? How to choose the direction of your earned during the winter vacation welcome? How not regret, you flew to Египет, but really I dreamed of Turkey, or that, you are landing in Hurghada or Sharm El – Sheikh really wanted a soft landing in Antalya Airport? If, after hearing the winter stories from their friends and colleagues about the rest of these countries, you do not know what to choose, in this case to decide, I advise you to be very honest with yourself - this is the first and to know precisely - what the duration of holiday gives you the boss. Integrity with itself assumes determine, what do you like! That is exactly what you and, what do you prefer!

If proglyadyvaya on TV commercials, you dreamed about, when you sit, finally on the plane – you'll be able to sleep on 3,5- 5 hours under the steady hum, and, slept, wake up on another continent, and to you it will be in a rush - you in Egypt!

If you're a fan of not so long flight, and the vacation week or 8 days with tension and at the same time you do not mind a little away fly away from our Mother Russia - you in Turkey!

Road, really tiring and, usually, our denechki before holiday are always connected with any stress, I do not know – how is it - but it comes out and it is necessary to consider and understand!


Again remember about honesty! This time the answer myself - you love the sea, with all its pluses and minuses? You're good to swim and most marine animals do not cause feelings of fear or anxiety - thee into Egypt!

Of course, you love the sea, but let sand or pebbles without algae and other small and not very sea population as small as possible are concerned - you in Turkey!

Sea - is ultimately the, that makes us, ignoring all the disadvantages of a long wait at airports, strive for a massive expanse of salt, and then I can share my experience of "dialogue" with the Red and Mediterranean seas.

Red - a prim, beautiful and always proud of himself the sea - it does not prevent him from giving away their beauty and to be generous. Temper this "handsome" will not change, why novice, perhaps, It is not quite comfortable. A sense of awe and alarm light will accompany the whole holiday. However, on arrival home you will tell, how beautiful Red Sea, but inside something, be honest, you know, that if the smaller corals underfoot and looked like a sea snake fish less buzz in the offing, the happiness of swimming in the sea would be tangible.

Mediterranean Sea - it's like Mom. If you are, tired of the righteous works at home just want to swimming without unnecessary Me with bottom and floating sea creatures, the "Mediterranean mother" you will pick up with joy. And the inhabitants of the Mediterranean you can meet in the event, If you buy an excursion to the diving or snorkeling.

Everything will be, how do you want for himself! But be honest, and all turn to 5 plus!

Vacation - it's the holidays, which is entirely belongs to you and you have to hold it so, to evoke the memories are preserved and only the most positive emotions and impressions - you deserve it! I wish, that my tips have helped you, and your vacation was a real break from the cares of the righteous. I sincerely wish the best of luck in the selected direction!

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  1. Turkey already has, though being a little inappropriate vybrala.V next time you try to fly in April. In general, it would be desirable also to see Egypt.

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