Excursions in Adler and Abkhazia

Excursions in Adler and Abkhazia

Of autumn and winter is usually sharply reduced tourist activity. But, it does not mean, that at this time it is impossible to arrange for a loved one decent vacation. It is even possible. If you are not lucky with the summer holidays, do not worry. And do not think, Now that you necessarily have to fly to distant lands to rest in hot countries. Well you can spend your vacation, and next, например, Adler, the hotel-restaurant complex "Eagle". Here you will not only offer comfortable accommodation, but also a variety of entertainment, which do not allow us to consider, that time is wasted and, that the holiday has failed. Excursions by Adler and Abkhazia, which can be ordered directly to the hotel, will help to give a boost of energy and leave many unforgettable impressions, that they will be enough for a long time.

What tours are offered right now:
– Gold ring Abkhazia;
– Ozero Rica + Picunda + Gagra;
– Novy Afon + + Gagra Pitsunda;
– Thermal Source Kyndyg;
– Abkhazia to the holy places;
– Jeep tour of Abkhazia etc..

For a complete list, suggested excursions can be found on the website https://arli-adler.com/экскурсии/.
Very interesting are all the excursions, but I want to stay close to one - the Golden Ring of Abkhazia, day trip, covering the main attractions, located in the Gagra district and the New Athos.

First travel stop - resort Gagra, where you will see one of the oldest and the main attractions of the country -Gagrskuyu colonnade, as well as the promenade of this rather cozy town.

Next stop - the mysterious waterfall, surrounded by many legends, "Men's tears".

No less interesting will stop at the bodega, where all the participants will indulge a free tasting of honey and wine. Favorite variety of honey and drink it is possible to buy.

In the course of the tour you will see the canyon Yupsharskih – this is the most beautiful place on the way to Lake Riza. The century-old boxwood, Moss and ivy, all which is overgrown canyon, beautiful hanging from the rocky cliffs and look very fabulously.

Next, you will arrive to the lake Riza, which is a hallmark of the country. After admiring this wonder of nature, You will want to make some vivid pictures on the memory.

Directly on the lake in the restaurant over the lunch will be served national dishes. You will be able to taste - Salt of the Caucasian, barbecue, khachapuri and other savory dishes Caucasus.

Next stop will be in New Athos - the largest Orthodox center in the Caucasus, where will visit the main shrine of Abkhazia – Athos Simon the Zealot monastery. The date of its foundation - 1875 year.

More in New Athos, you will have the opportunity to see Stalin's dacha, residence remained in the same state, that during his stay there.

Completes tour visiting New Athos cave, located in the bowels of the picturesque mountains of the Iberian. In Abkhazia, it is one of the largest.

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