Excursions to Meteora

Excursions to Meteora

Monasteries of Meteora rocks called the great wonder of the world. While vacationing in Greece is impossible to give up excursions to the Meteora, because the monasteries of Meteora is one of Greece's most striking landmarks.

Meteor in ancient Greek - is floating in the air or heaven. for monks, seeking to become closer to God, the appearance of this amazing miracle of nature - the giant stalagmite rocks, vzmetnuvshyhsya the sky, It became a kind of gift. For the first time they have mastered the Byzantine hermits even in the eleventh century, to climb on top of the rocks, and left alone to God.

In the thirteenth century, when the crusaders and conquerors from neighboring countries raided Greece, numerous caves in the cliffs served as a reliable protection for the monks.

Construction of these monasteries of the Meteora rocks date back to the fourteenth-fifteenth century. This period is characterized by instability and the resurgence of a hermit ideals. At this time, a large monastic community was established here.

The most famous monastery of "Transfiguration" was founded by the monk Athanasios (meteoric) on one of the highest cliffs. Its height is 613 m. This monastery is also called the "Great Meteor". The legend says, that its name Meteora rocks owe to Athanasius. Community subject to strict rules, which were introduced as Athanasius, In particular, he banned the entry of women in the community.

By the fifteenth century number was already monasteries 24. How these monasteries were built, still remains an unsolved mystery.
Over the years, the monastic movement began to decline, and to date, only six of their acts: 2 female - "St. Barbara", "St. Stephen" and 4 male – "Transfiguration", "Holy Trinity", "Barlaam" and "St. Nicholas Anapafsas". Many other practically no trace, only some of them reminiscent of a ruin.

Before, who wanted to get to the monastery, climbed to very high ladders, that any risk forced to drag the top. Sometimes the lift served woven mesh on a rope. Such a rise often ended tragically, because over time the rope was torn and dilapidated. Although in our time such nets continue to be used to supply the monasteries.

Of course, Today excursions to the Meteora does not pose such dangers, like before. All the monasteries are equipped with special bridges and stone staircases. Visiting open to all tourists, despite religion, the only requirement for visitors - not to enter with bare shoulders, in short skirts and shorts.

Excursions to the Meteora, Греция possible to Excursio.gr. It is an exclusive service of the Greek league travel Actis, offering for fans of individual travel unconventional ideas, It provides quality recreation and saves them time. A high level of professional guides help you get acquainted with the history of Greece, its culture and traditions.

Meteora in 1988 It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This is the most impressive sights in Greece.
Therefore, we wish you to take a tour to Meteora and personally see this splendor of Greece!!!

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