Tour of the Golden Ring of Abkhazia

Tour of the Golden Ring of Abkhazia

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Yes, on high. Indeed, in the off-season you will be able to successfully, at last, take care of your health. And if the prospect does not like, go camping, sightseeing or just walking along the seashore, contemplating the beauty of local nature, breathing in the fresh, not yet saturated sea air heat.

good idea, eg, will get acquainted with Abkhazia. Go-ka in a tour of the "Golden Ring of Abkhazia" and you will bring to the rest mass of impressions and memories nesgladimyh. Do not forget to take with a camera, because there you will want to capture every moment.

What is this tour is and what its route we are going to tell you in this article.

Tour of the Golden Ring of Abkhazia

Tour of the Golden Ring "Caucasian Switzerland," begins with the Sochi. It was there in the morning, tourists gather at the bus and sent it to the border of Russia-Abkhazia, where travelers are subjected to passport control. And just to end this procedure, they continue their movement to the colorful city of Gagra.

city ​​Gagra

In this city, they will see the famous Colonnade Gagra, Prince of Oldenburg Castle, ruins of the Abbot at the entrance to the gorge and Zhoekvarskoe watchtower garrison of the king of the IX century. You will be able to visit the famous restaurant "Gagripsh", imported from Scandinavia and restored in Gagra.

Explore the city of Gagra, the tour continues in Pitsunda.

city ​​Pitsunda

In Pitsunda tourists will enjoy the pristine waters of the Black Sea, by its local transparency and purity of water occupy the 2nd place in the world. It will be invited to visit the park with relict pine trees and very colorful tangerine garden.

Ritsinsky park

Before visiting Abkhazia Ritsa relic national park, the tourists give the opportunity to taste the honey in the village Bzypta. There can be not only wine, but also the acquisition of a clay pot with the pleasant honey and any other product, produced by bees, eg, royal jelly.

The first with what will meet at the entrance to the National Park - a blue lake with clean cold water. Next gaze of tourists be presented ancient tree grove, stone bag, Stone desires and most blue lake Rizza. Highland Lake Ritsa - one of the most picturesque lakes not only Abkhazia, but also the entire Caucasus. Probably that is why there are located cottages Stalin and Brezhnev. After finishing introduction to Ritsinsky park, the bus will go to New Athos.

new Athos

The main attraction is called the New Athos Monastery. Athos monastery complex consists of six temples: The main temple, dedicated to the Great Martyr and Healer Panteleimon, temple gate of the Ascension, the temple in honor of the holy fathers of Mount Athos and the church Mother of God "deliverer", church of St. Andrew, Temple of the Martyr St.. Hierro. Only obvious path the path of sinners - of belief to get rid of sins, you can get to the monastery with golden cupolas and extraordinary beauty. The tour program also includes a visit to New Athos cave, inside which it is possible to enjoy the most powerful columns stalactite, lakes and waterfalls.

And the final stage of the last tour of the "Golden Ring of Abkhazia" will be wine tasting.

Wine tasting Abkhazia

In addition to direct wine tasting tour here will tell a lot about winemaking.

On this tour ends, and the bus returns late in the evening in Sochi. Of course, all pretty tired, но, usually, with glowing eyes with happiness derived from a journey of pleasure.

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