Exotic plants

Exotic plants

Surely everyone in the house has комнатные растения. Some breeding pot plants is a real hobby. However, at this time it was important and fashionable to grow at home exotic plants. After all, they are admired by guests and owners delight the eye, They are unpretentious and care for them in the cellar. Some exotic species attenuate unobtrusive and pleasant aromas, which can easily be replaced in your home aromatherapy oils or butter. Domestic exotic plants can be divided into two groups: Fruit tropical and subtropical, and predators. But let us first analyze, how to care for exotic green friends?

The main basis for the care of exotic plants are the three components of the component: тепло, moisture and light. All this should be in abundance, as the birthplace of exotic plants - tropical climate. Considering that, that those they love lots of light, better to arrange them on the south or east side of the room. In winter the temperature should not fall below 10 – 15 градусов, or your creation of green freeze and die. It is also important part of care for your new pets is ground. If worried about, that may be in the soil parasites, fill the earth with a solution of potassium permanganate or ordinary boiling water.

Возможно, your choice is stopped at the exotic fruit plants, in this case, you have a difficult choice, because each ekzaticheskaya vegetation is unique and can not leave anyone indifferent person. This can be Lemon, pineapple, Bonsai, Citron “Buddha's Hand “,  Sprekeliya, Lïtopsı, Cypress or Karamoya star - Fruit. Among these exquisite and unique avatars green beauty, непременно, there is, that will appeal to you the most.

In the plant kingdom there are takievidy, which feed on insects and even small rodents. These plants and can be attributed to the second group - Predators. These include Cape sundew and Dionaea, that can live on your windowsill. But it should be remembered that, they are very picky in terms of watering. They will approach or rainwater (although in the big cities, this method is not necessary to use better) Distilled or deionized. When the time comes at the expense of winter to him as well should be taken responsibly. in winter, temperature should not be above 0 but not below 13 – 14 градусов. Just check the land of your new pet to moisture and the presence of mold.

Exotic plants - it's not just a new friend, but also an opportunity to make your home special and unique.

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