If your man dreams of the sea…

Almost half of all men as a child dreamed of becoming a sailor. Someone avidly read the novels of Jules Verne and Stevenson. Someone watching movies (and does not matter, it was "Two Captains" and "Pirates of the XX century"). Someone enthusiastically listened to the stories of relatives or friends, travel to distant lands.

Some of those boys, who in his youth dreamed of overseas travel, in adult life truly become a sea captain. But, to the fate of all the people was connected with the sea, just does not happen. One of the visionaries was forced to restrict river navigation. And someone in general and lived all his life on the mainland, getting out to the sea only with the family during the summer holidays.

but, no matter how developed adult life dreams of the sea of ​​boys, dreams of distant voyages will remain in their hearts always. And the best birthday gifts for a man to be a souvenir, reminding him of the sea. Your man will be very pleased, if you hint, that considered him his captain.

What to give the favorite – binoculars, cortico or dagger…


Yes, anything - the captain's cap, marine binoculars, cortico.

Cortico ofitserskiy obsçevoyskovoy obr.2012g (P6 / 2)And do not worry, that the purchase of the dagger is associated with difficulties. This once-formidable weapon boarding battles have long been an attribute of the parade uniform of naval officers. Daggers have no sharpening and do not apply to arms. that buy souvenir knives and daggers, You do not need to have special permits.

Binoculars BPTS5 8h30m

And if you give her husband with binoculars, it is not even just a souvenir, a useful thing in daily life. After binoculars you can take, not only in maritime navigation, but also on the hunt, and sporting events.

Modern binoculars are able to visually enlarge the distant objects in 8-15 раз. A rangefinder binoculars with grid help to determine the distance to the objects under consideration.
What is better to choose a pair of binoculars? We offer opt for domestic binoculars Kazan Optical and Mechanical Plant. For example, we present a review of the popular binoculars BPTS5 8h30M: "Binoculars simply beautiful. Objects increases in 8 fold. It gives a picture of high quality across the entire field of view. The body of the binoculars durable and light - metal alloys. case convenient. Made of genuine leather. This case will not freeze at low temperatures, will not lose shape at high. Sam and binoculars -40 ⁰ will work, and + 50».

To remind her man about his children's enthusiasm, give him a marine accessory.

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