Fatezhsky funnel (Kursk region) I – part

Fatezhsky funnel (Kursk region) I - part

What happened in March 1999 in the north of the Kursk region near the village of Ushakovo, scientists could not even install later 10 years after the horrific underground explosions, which shook the whole neighborhood. There are several versions, There are numerous witnesses, conducted several detailed surveys of the explosion site, finally, there is a giant funnel Fatezhsky, but there is no exact explanation for this natural phenomenon. And in that, that occurred near the village in March 1999 year goes beyond the accepted norms nobody doubts.

However, the March explosion preceded and other anomalous phenomena. In February in the area in earnest raged strong winter storm - a rare phenomenon, almost unprecedented for Central Russia. Then the storm followed by heavy snowfall. Of course, snow is not so rare for the winter, to record it in the anomaly, however, such a strong rainfall could not remember any old-timer. Houses and people on the streets are literally covered with snow cap. Then a thaw in early March, a 5 March, am pleased with the inhabitants of the beautiful sunshine, snow began to melt actively, of the men went on a fishing trip, remaining with women diverted melt water from their yards. That is why the details of a strong explosion, happened about 2 noon, We could describe almost all the villagers.
According to eyewitnesses, first around the local pond there was a terrible roar, then shook the earth, as if they were near the epicenter of the earthquake. Then, a few intrepid citizens, whose curiosity prevailed fear of the supernatural, We stayed outside and continued to look to the side of the pond. A few seconds later they saw, I shot up into the sky like a huge pillar of fire, from which all sides showered with clumps of frozen soil. The huge crater, formed at the blast site, something very zaklokotalo, then shot up into the sky a new column, this time hot water, mixed with whitish foam. Water spewing from the crater about 1,5 o'clock, During this time, the hot water has melted much of the ice on the pond. Somewhere in half an hour after, arising as the abruptly stopped geyser pour hot water, there was a new burst - this time in the sky flood of dirty water, and ended with the release of a new column of steam. The Earth has not calmed down, and the next day the villagers clearly heard a strong underground buzz and feel the vibration, from which ringing and shaking the windows and tableware cabinet. After, how everything has calmed down, residents came to the pond and found a large crater about depth 5 m, thus all thrown to the surface of the earth for some reason lay in the direction of the village.

of course, residents hastened to inform the local authorities about the unusual event, but roads and lack of telephone communication with the Kursk led to, that the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the military team arrived at the scene of the explosion just a few days. Rescuers together with the military inspected the surroundings and the funnel, established, whether they are caused by the explosion of unexploded bombs during the war, made measurements of background radiation, advised local residents not to approach funnels, and wrote in their report, the most likely cause of the explosion is the fall of meteorites on zemlyu.Prodolzhenie should …

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