Fatezhsky funnel (Kursk region) II – part

Fatezhsky funnel (Kursk region) I - part

However, after several weeks, it became clear, incomprehensible nature of the explosions in the north of the Kursk region continues. In total they were found around 8 such craters at a distance of tens of kilometers from each other.
The largest in the history of Russian Tunguska meteorite fell in Siberia in the summer 1908 of the year. His many have seen and heard a huge explosion forces, tumbled down the age-old taiga. However, the meteorite was not found. On the supposed site of the crash were found microscopic silicate and magnetite balls, which indicates its cosmic origin.
After that arrived at the scene specialists anomalous phenomena, which are also thoroughly investigated the area around the mysterious sinkholes. Unlike the military, they were not of their making information secret, then on the funnels and strange incidents in the north of the Kursk region learned the whole country.
The researchers of anomalous phenomena could not fully agree with the findings of the military and emergency teams, because it did not find the so-called place of falling debris of celestial bodies any, alleged meteorite fragments, whereas known, that the cosmic body split into smaller pieces with a strong impact with the ground, especially if it weighs several tons. However, neither the meteorites themselves, or their fragments were found. We could not agree with the military and soil scientists, who claimed, that the nature and direction of the blast knocked out the ground they burst has not been made from the top, and the inside, from the ground. At the same time, scientists have stressed, that likely, strike force were heated to boiling groundwater, but in this case it was not clear, which could be heated so underwater sources, located no more than 30-60 m.
Rescuers have also mentioned about groundwater, but the source of their heat to the boiling state for them was also unknown.
Doubts about the version of meteorites added and no witnesses fiery body falling to the ground. None of the village of witnesses did not mention nothing about a flying object to the ground seconds before the explosion, although they all looked the wrong way.
In addition, two successive explosion in the same funnel is also not in favor of the version of meteorites, since the fall of the two celestial bodies at one point virtually impossible.
The next version, which was tested by researchers of anomalous phenomena, It was more prosaic. They were looking after the military component of the explosion, but no trace of explosives also failed to find, as iron residues, which is the case with the explosion of shells. Moreover, the explosion power was such, that the underground had not be 1-2 shell, and a military arsenal. And eight funnels, consistently appeared across the north of Kursk region, also raised doubts of being involved in a particular type of weapons to these strange explosions. In addition, through the village did not pass the front, Germans in the village are not landed, and no measures for the conservation of ammunition is not performed.
The next version, that scientists began to consider, – The movements of the crust, but geologists have not confirmed this version. It does not explain the explosions and the version of possible landslides, also I had to dismiss UFO hypothesis. In this way, We have been through all the assumptions, none of them did not explain the strange incident Fatezhsky region.
The only thing, it is possible to say exactly, with measurements of radiation background near the pond found exceeding its natural values ​​in 2 fold, and what would be the cause of these explosions did not cause, they led to a local environmental disaster. The fish pond has ceased to be driven, in the woods did not grow berries, terrain and climate change. However, that was the reason for these changes, and still another mystery of nature.

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