Photo for memory – how to do it correctly

Going to any journey, whether it is a Sunday trip out of town or a long trip abroad, to the ski resort Livigno, we will take a camera. This is the best way to leave unforgettable memories and show off to relatives and friends reported on a vacation.

How to make pictures of the quality and bright? It is enough to observe a few simple rules and legkovypolnimyh. This article we dedicate etched natural scenery.

Primarily, before the trip do not forget to once again lament the instructions for use of your camera. Often, namely it identifies the major modes for shooting in different environments and locations. If you adhere to these instructions, can significantly improve the image quality.

Close-up is very appropriate for photographing nature. It allows you to get as close to the object, if it is in a remote place. This is especially useful, if you are an animal imprints, bird or insect, since the close contact it can, at best, to frighten away, and at worst awaken aggressive actions towards you. Use the function and optical proximity zumm, which are presented in the most ancient models, photographic equipment.

What kind of time is the best for landscapes. Last hour sunset, nicknamed amateur photographers gold, It gives your photos a golden glow, the right shade and texture. But the most problematic period for taking a noon - time bright spots and rich shadows. Sometimes facilitate filming in such a situation can be, to put to the camera lens glass sunglasses. With regard to the cloudy weather, in such circumstances, it is best to work out photos of forest and floral landscapes.

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