Freelance really: where it is best to move?

Freelance really: where it is best to move?

In recent years, freelancing is gaining incredible popularity and becomes the subject of dreams of many people. After working from home allows a person to forget about traffic jams, zlom boss, office suits. But the supreme success of any freelancer is moving. After all, if your work does not depend on the location, Why work in his apartment? Is not it better to move to a warmer climate, sit on the beach, sipping a delicious cocktail? The only downside may be that this, that you miss important events, как exhibition Mice. But on the other hand you get a real fairy tale, You will know a different culture, tighten the language and to stock a thousand impressions.

Where is best to move?

Usually freelancers move to the country, where the heat, but living there can be affordable. Often, additional income is renting his apartment. Most often freelancers buy tickets to such countries, as Thailand, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, India, Малайзия, Indonesia. Let's deal with each of the countries in order.

  1. Vietnam. The country is waiting for a freelancer friendly visa regime, the ideal temperature all year round, a well-functioning Internet, large variety of housing. Housing prices start from 75 dollars.
  2. Georgia. country, in which you do not even need the English language, because there you perfectly understood in Russian. Unlike Asia, flight to Georgia will not cost. But there you will find no less picturesque landscapes, reasonable housing prices and surprisingly good food.
  3. India. In this country, you can enjoy the culture and, and climate. At the same time, India is considered to be quite a poor country. Freelancers have to put up with, that hungry children will be with him, beg for money for food. The other side, rent a house in India can be very cheap.

Many Russians moved to Thailand and Indonesia. The best option for anyone, willing to relocate, is an exhibition leisure, on which you can select the country for the move. Remember, you can always recover travel farther. Freelancing gives you the opportunity to live in all countries on the world stage. the main thing, enough to finance.

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