City with a beautiful name Snezhinsk

City with a beautiful name Snezhinsk

City with a beautiful name Snezhinsk is one of the most beautiful places in Russia. The city was destined to be born in the Urals. This is a land of countless blue lakes, bizarre rocks, rare Gems, beautiful forests, Demidov's mines and Bazhovsky tales.

Snezhinsk is located in the far north of the Chelyabinsk region, where much of the lakes of the Urals. it Kasli, Sungul, Itkul, Husky, oracle. The names given to these lakes have long lived in the Ural Bashkirs.

With the city adjoin Cherry Mountain. They are a continuation of Ilmeny, hiding in its depths rare minerals, that Ilmen Reserve: zircon, monazite, vermiculite and Others. Going there for a long time do not forget buy equipment for tourism.

image_big_1248875455Snezhinsk looks in the water of a picturesque lake Sinara. Lake Expanse opens wide ponaramu last ridges of the Ural Mountains. Water surface area is Sinara 25,5 км, average depth 6,5 m. This beautiful lake, called PP. Bazhov "Ural fairy", fed by several rivers, among which are the source of, arising from Itkul.

This wonderful place has become a place a little gem of birth- Snezhinsk. The date of commencement of construction is considered 24 марта 1955 года. The city was built by military builders. City paid tribute to the head of the MI project. Pyscherovu, naming one of the streets in his name. Seven city streets are names of people, that many citizens remember, like friends, коллег, chiefs. There are streets named D.E.Vasileva first director of the institute and the first scientific director K.I.Scholkina, V.F.Grechishnikov, E.I.Zababahin, G.P.Lominskij, В. Nechay, LP. Feaktistov – people who have given the institution and the city of your knowledge, жизнь. Their names live on in the names of streets of the city of Snezhinsk.

SnezhinskSnezhinsk is the Russian Federal Nuclear Center – All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Technical Physics, together with the entire Russian defense complex. Russian Federal Nuclear Center – Institute of Technical Physics named after Academician E.I.Zababahina is the main enterprise of the city of Snezhinsk and is a highly organized structure of science – research, design, production and testing units, equipped with modern appliances. Here are concentrated intellectual force, creative potential of Russian nuclear science. The Institute is developing nuclear warheads for land-based strategic missile system. Institute made a contribution to anti-aircraft missile complex osnoschenie and missile defense nuclear warheads.

Snezhinsk talented people, who managed to make their city a cozy, clean, красивым, comfortable, as a house, where people want to live and work.
The greatest wealth and pride of Snezhinsk - it's citizens, and many of them veterans of various categories. They build and create city-forming enterprise. It's them, Many in the military tunic, They left their hometowns, to live here.

Favorite vacation spot of townspeople – Recreation park, where most of city holidays and celebrations. Also snezhintsy can relax in the square tales PP Bazhov.

The town is decorated with beautiful buildings, Sverdlov Square, Boulevard Tsiolkovsky, building of the hotel "Snowflake". Snezhinsk have City Children's Library named after PP Bazhov, City Library named after Maxim Gorky, Palace of Culture "October", Fitness center "Iceberg", Swimming Pool "Ural", art school, School of Music, Eleven secondary schools, Children's music school named after PI. Tchaikovsky, Cinema "Cosmos, as well as other great buildings.

6cab521e3d89950e3a2192c74415ff52 Sports movement originated in Snezhinsk 1955 году. Physical training and sports was neotmlemoy part of the lives of young scientists, engineers, builders, educators, врачей, working, making it a distant Ural taiga, to build a city of science. Much attention is paid to the development of Snezhinsk traditionally mass sports, like football, хоккей, volleyball, баскетбол, cycle racing, гандбол. Successfully develop Boxing Federation, kikboksinga, judo. Snezhinsk athletes are winners of regional, All-Russian international competitions, world championships, European and Olympic Games.

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