Hospitality at Creole

Tolerance lies in the nature of the Creoles of the general population of the Seychelles. They themselves so much blood are mixed – American, European, Asian, that they will be a little more militant, I would have exploded ethnic cauldron until the piercing blue sky Seychelles. The benefit of the place under the sun is enough to all. alive’ Creoles in the old, technical innovations are few of them involve. To gather the harvest coconuts, Harvesters yes chemical fertilizers to anything. Even Seychelles capital of Victoria on the island of Mahe, MEGAPOLI far from the city is not much different from the settlements, scattered Seychelles. Sam Mahe – giant! Compared to other islands: in length with 27 kilometers, and a maximum width of eight. populated! Victoria is 25 thousands of people, and E’ a staggering figure by local standards, after all! around the Seychelles archipelago can barely count 70 thousands of aborigines. The building is three storeys, According to metropolitan, – skyscraper. The main attraction of two – Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception ( mostly Christians) Wood and artisans (Creoles are mostly not rich). The cathedral is famous for, that his clock strikes twice a day, and the village, that the people working almost around the clock of the master and then sell souvenirs to tourists, jobbing, ornamentation.

urban landscape – old houses with openwork balconies, wild pineapples – gradually becomes a huge botanical garden with unique plants: innocent-looking flowers, greedily devouring butterflies, peppery, clove and breadfruit. But the creoles never a lot of nature, only a few steps from the Botanical Garden stretches Royal Gardens, full of beautiful orchids, and then the smell is easy to find a huge plantation of spices: vanilla, cardamom, cover, nutmeg – aromas clouds spread throughout the island. Well, after, of course, wherever you look – coveted beaches, Seychelles which are famous all over the world.

Only on the island of Mahe them as much as sixty-eight. The coastline is indented with many bays – from the smallest, such, as coral or solar, to larger – Ane Royale or Anse-Intendans. water, bottom, sand everywhere is clean.

Local residents are trying to make a vacation in full stray guests even more attractive: on some beaches of music and dance do not stop even for a second, others are almost deserted – your heart's desire imagine yourself Robinson. Tanned to blackness “Friday "instead of the usual our man" Pies! gobies! sunflower seeds!- offering grilled octopus, parrot fish fillet, curry bat with pineapple and, of course, coconut milk. In the evening, it's time to stronger drinks: Seychelles craftsmen prepare alcohol from fermented coconut juice (Chkalov ") and sugar cane (chbaka ") and even lemon mint.

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