Mushroom “hunting”. Part 2-I.

Грибная "охота". Part 2-I.

Going for mushrooms? Great idea! Your faithful friend old car performed well on the roads of the city. Get ready new tests. Send with your family on a mushroom “hunting” on the road. what – do not pull? time to change?

Well, here we are in the woods!

How to distinguish edible mushroom?

• Porcini.

-Present. The cap is from white to dark brown. Leg whitish with white mesh pattern. The flesh is white, It does not change color, it smells good.

-False. Gall fungus is not toxic, but it has a bitter taste. Tubular cap layer pink, red on a break. Leg with dark pattern.

• Podosinovik.

-Present. Red or orange cap. The tubular layer - an off white. The flesh is strong, white, the son izlom, and then turns black.

-False. There are no false boletus mushroom, but sometimes it can be confused with the gall fungus, which spoils the taste of the preparation of dishes.

• boletus.

-Present. white, gray, gray-brownish, brown, black, sometimes spotted hat. The flesh is white, on the fracture does not change color, starыh mushrooms in vodyanystaya.

-False. Pinkish or gray hat. Dirty white tube under it adheres to leg. Older fungi are pink. At the bottom of the stem there is a thickening.

• Russula.

-Present. It has a gray, yellow, golden yellow, pale green hat. Not to be mistaken, better to collect only yellow mushroom.

-False. Russules with bright red caps and black mid extremely bitter, and eat it, even after soaking is not necessary.

• Lisichki.

-Present. Mushroom concave or flat hat with a wavy and irregular edge. From pale yellow to almost orange.

-False. Mushroom reddish-orange, red-copper shade, non-toxic. It has a clear circular funnel hat with smooth edges.

• Maslenok.

-Present. Hat chocolate brown and yellow. Part of the legs and head are film, adults mushrooms on a stem is a ring. The flesh on the fracture yellow.

-False. In this oil reaches the upper plenochka, while the false - no. Wrong side of the cap have reddish, and on the stem at the bottom of the thickening.

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