Interactive service fulfillment of dreams

Any make a wish do not need to be carefully concealed, adhering to the well-known folk superstitions. In modern times there are completely different principles, so no unknown desire can never come true. And since dreams are peculiar to each person, you should not expect falling stars or other events for them guessing. You can do this at any time, placing it on its "Blackboard desires".

This name is a new online social networking service, designed for the mass popularization of desires. It allows you to talk about their dreams to all my friends, and can also organize them, placing visual images on a single page. This is very useful, because now anyone can see on the site of his abstract wishes a beautiful picture and a detailed description. Because he will never forget that, that he ever wanted.

Overview functional "Boards desires"

Functional service "Boards of Wishes" is based on the principle of work of the social network. The user must have an account in any of them, after which it is available the entrance to the world of his desires. Moreover, the functionality allows you to put all your dreams on the same page, Share this link with your friends. Eventually, on your next birthday or other holidays you can expect, that all comrades will present this small or, conversely, substantial gift.

"Board desires" – This interactive service. Here wishlist There is a function of the publication of his desires, that are in progress or has been completed. And each entry can comment Friends, attracted by the link. Selecting their desire, the user can place it on your page interactive, which can be viewed from any type of device. Thanks to the professional development of visiting "The board wishes" conveniently from your computer, and from any mobile device.

Link to desire convenient to share on social networks, as the "Board of Wishes" is fully integrated with them. The user does not even need to access the world of desires registration: Simply log in to your social network profile, then you can connect it to a service and an interactive board desires. Because use of the new social sites are so easy, and how pleasant: Now every new desire to get more chances to be realized, and it should please users more.

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