History of metal beds

History of metal beds

Decorate any bedroom, make it unique, beautiful and stylish help Metal beds, buy which Moscow you will be able to in our company. The presence of a huge range allows you to select the most suitable option for your home, and his style.

This is a very significant piece of furniture has become extremely popular in recent years. But it is not the invention of modern designers. The first mention of Metal beds We survived since the time of Ancient Egypt. Since that distant time metal was at a premium, buy this product has been done only by the pharaohs. The ancient Greeks also very highly valued metal and any items from it, including furniture, They were considered a luxury item, that were affordable only to the very rich and noble people. The middle class and the poor sleep on wooden beds.

But since the Roman Empire era metal became less appreciated, and at the beginning of the Middle Ages such box could afford not only the rich and aristocrats. metal beds appeared in the homes of ordinary people, but their appearance was significantly different from standing in the palaces of luxurious products. More often than not elite furniture was made by forging, It characterized by sophistication and cost at the same time very expensive. Today you can see the unique items of furniture art of the time in many museums around the world.

In the nineteenth and early twentieth century, It became fashionable nickel bed, but the metal structure is not lost their popularity. In Russia at the beginning of the last century and immediately after the revolution, this type of bed was extremely needed and necessary - they would not start parasites, who have lived in almost every home due to poverty, dirt and lack of hygiene. Later, when the situation in the country stabilized Councils, people forget about such a beautiful and practical piece of furniture. The reason for this was unattractive appearance, inconvenience and primitive designs produced by Soviet enterprises.

Today the situation has changed dramatically. modern Metal beds, a photo various kinds which, including double, can be viewed on our website, steel product of the present design skill. they have:

  • ease;
  • grace;
  • ease;
  • beauty;
  • superior performance;
  • environmental friendliness.

Buy favorite model Metal beds you can in our online store at an affordable price and comfort.

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