The story of cardboard boxes for Chinese food

The story of cardboard boxes for Chinese food

If you've ever tried Chinese food in boxes, surely you've thought, that this convenient packaging invented in China? It's there since ancient times, there is the art of folding the various items of paper - origami. Cardboard container with a handle is very similar to origami. However, the interesting fact, it exclusively American invention.

Initially, these boxes are widely used in American port cities as containers for delivery to the home purchased in the market and freshly peeled oysters. This was the beginning of the twentieth century, when the coastal waters in many American port cities teemed with oysters. It was a popular inexpensive food. But the oysters were not able to open all, so enterprising sellers delicious sea food have found a way to seize your service. They themselves opened oysters and put them in the purified paper boxes, where buyers have carried out with pleasure a treat home.

Спустя некоторое время, after the Second World War, in the US has increased the interest in ready-made meals, которые можно заказать на дом или купить в ресторане, but is not there, and take home. Oysters at the time because of too intensive fishing have significantly reduced their population. And boxes manufacturers began to offer his invention restaurants. And because the most popular was the Chinese food, due to its low cost and excellent palatability, the first Chinese consumers have become restaurants and cafes. That's the usual paper bucket of oysters, folded origami technique, and rapidly developing Chinese cooking were like made for each other.

Modern Chinese white box with a red dragon and other symbols of the Chinese is very convenient and practical. The food they can warm up in the microwave. Such packaging is environmentally friendly and sufficiently tight, because built of heavy paper box retains heat well. And if impregnate cardboard with special water-resistant safe for human health substances, it is able to withstand even the dishes, abundantly watered sauces.

Таким образом, Chinese food in takeaway boxes began to represent the idea of ​​Oriental cuisine in a modern Western society, even though, that came up with this container is not in China. After all, for some people, as is known, sufficient to represent the Chinese character - like a pagoda, character or dragon - and it will be for their involvement in the ancient Asian traditions.

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