The history of the reconstruction of the Pokrovsky Cathedral

The history of the reconstruction of the Pokrovsky Cathedral
At the moment, St. Basil's Cathedral is the most famous landmark of Russia. For many it is even a symbol of Moscow. Arriving here, you can even see the monument of bronze to Kuzma Minin and Dmitriyu Pozharskomu. Cathedral amazingly beautiful, so you should come here and see all the charm of this delightful building.

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At the end of the XVI century having curly head of the Pokrovsky Cathedral. They have replaced the initial coverage, as it is burned in a fire.

In the second half of the XVII century, the appearance of the cathedral has changed. Gallery-promenade, which surrounds the upper church, blocked the arches, and over the stairs built of white stone porch, that adorned the tent. Renovation completed by 1683 году.

В 1817 by architect Osip Bove is the reconstruction of Red Square. Thanks to him, on the retaining wall of the Temple there was a stone. Also cast-iron fence was installed.

Constant fires only harmed the Pokrovsky Cathedral, so there is almost always something repaired. As many as four centuries the building changed its appearance, and not the slightest details, and absolutely everything could change from one to another.

В 1737 г. in the documents of the cathedral even floated the name of the architect Ivan Michurin, which allegedly restored architecture and interior of the cathedral. Later works were carried out during the reign of Catherine II in 1784 – 1786 гг. The project led by Ivan Yakovlev. В 1900 – 1912 гг. restored Temple Architect. Do. Solovyov. In 1920 - H. С. Kurdyukov I A. A. Zhelyabuzhsky.

В 1918 year St. Basil's Cathedral was placed under state protection. He was recognized as a monument of national and global significance.

В 1923 in the cathedral we decided to create a historical and architectural museum. He became the first head of EI. the Silicon, Researcher Historical Museum. 21 Museum was opened in May.

В 1928 the building has become a branch of the State Historical Museum. Although here and being restored building still open to visitors.

С 1991 year St. Basil's Cathedral - this museum, and part of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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