From the history of hiking in Crimea

From the history of hiking in Crimea

Since in the Crimean mountains meet every year more and more tourists. People of different ages, and very young, and couples, and they, who for forty. Despite, that the resort hotels are becoming more comfortable, attract people and are not afraid of the mountain hiking conditions.

a feeling of freedom, solidarity and friendship - these are the positive aspects, for which go on hikes. And in hiking in Crimea They are also for the, to enjoy nature. Crimean mountains are very picturesque: rocky cliffs, vertices, perevalы, forests, coniferous and deciduous, river, waterfalls, cave, flowers on mountain jajlah, butterfly, birds.

some adventurers traveled back in the Crimean mountains 18 century. One of them was the Polish poet Adam Mickiewicz. He wrote sonnets cycle of the Crimean hills. But already in the 19 century travel on the mountains in the habit of those, who came to rest on resorts.

В 1980 was established Crimean mountain club - the first tourist organization in Russia. Employees of the club developed travel routes across mountain Crimea and spent on them tour. Throughout the entire route path was marked with its special marking for, not to confuse the trail and do not get lost. The activities of the club has been quite successful: Tours are conducted by 20 routes, tourist season was from March to October, and the rest was their duty to take part in such exotic, at the time, tour. В 1989 year for the convenience of travelers on the mountain Chater-Dag even mountain shelter was opened.

The revolution brought this tourist activity to zero. But only for a while. In the late 20-ies of the Society of proletarian tourism organized several camp sites in Crimea. In the mountains, there were people with backpacks, but again interrupted by the war… Crimea diligently "came to himself" all the post-war decades. opened a sanatorium, children's camps. Then it was time for hiking. Crimean regional council on tourism and excursions took matters into their own hands, in 70-80s tour of the Crimean mountains accompanied by an instructor was one of the most affordable forms of recreation in the south. Week group walked through the mountains, week rest on the sea. At the enterprises of vouchers were distributed not only to stay in sanatoriums and rest homes, but also on hiking tours. At this time, we acted in Crimea 7 hiking trails, which groups were on schedule. For the comfort of tourists organized camp site, campgrounds. The state supported active tourism, because it fits into the concept of a healthy lifestyle.

tourist idyll, which was held on romance and trade union organizations, quickly disappeared after the collapse of the USSR. The time has passed, life began to take a new direction, He entered the shore - and interest in hiking woke up again. Hiking in the Crimea began to organize instructors and simple tourism lovers, but privately. Tourism began to open shelters in the mountains or close to mountain ranges villages. Terms of them have improved significantly, After all, it delivered on a commercial basis. He played a role, and the Internet: Now you can submit your application online to participate in the campaign, and instructors convenient lay descriptions of routes on the site. Hiking in the Crimea is now carried out by a variety of routes. Each instructor your horse. It makes it possible to visit before the closed zones: Cape Meganom, Cape Aiya, Peninsula Tarhankut, Tracts New Light. You can find campaign, passing along the coastline with a visit to the mountains. You can pick up the journey and in the South, and in the Eastern Crimea. Organized tours with accommodation in the village on the coast and daily hiking on the nearby peaks. Much remains to be done in the development of hiking in Crimea, but already much has been achieved to date: every year becomes more and more traveling and hiking demand grows.

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